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A legit virus or MW3 hacked already? Super slow-mo match

I was ina a Kill Confirmed match about an hour ago and I joined it in progress. Upon loading I discovered I was running in super slow-mo (as well as the rest of us).

I checked the game timer and the clock was ticking at a rate of 1/4 speed. Every 5 seconds of game timer = 20 seconds of RL time.

I noticed that there were 4 members on the opposing team that had been in the match a while according to the scores. 2 of them left after people started voicing their frustrations and intentions to report. The 2 that remained were friends with large XBOX achievement points 33,000 and 40,000+ which made me suspicious. (all 4 actually had very high achievement points) One of them also had for thier profile pic a pic of a female from a movie who was portraying a hacker.

I added these fellas to f-list and messaged them asking how they did it... they replied it was a virus.

I have the game in my vault if anyone is curious, it is labeled "slomo virus or hack?" in slot 7.

Check it out what do you think?