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Hi guys, we are looking to recruit players to our clan MDK (Murder, Death, Kill). We have no requirments in terms of skill level, K/D Ratio, headset users etc, all comers welcome new or veteran. We just enjoy playing the game and having fun with it, therefor are looking for like minded people. Having said that we would like to be the best we can be and hope to pose a challange to the opposition.


Last night we entered the 1st of the clan events and finished in the top 25% and that was with only 2 of us playing. Imagine how dominant we could be with a full roster. We both earned Silver trophies in the event. Being part of this clan will make you feel like you truly are a PART of the team rather than just number like with some other clans.


If you are interested in joining leave your Gamertag on this page and I will get an invite sent to via Elite ASAP. Feel free to add me to your Xbox Live friends list if you like, my gamertag is Difster & the clan leader is NateDogg1984


Hope to see some of you very soon.