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What Treyarch Did Right With Black Ops And How They Can Improve (Multiplayer)

What Treyarch did right/well:

     Post Game Support - Their post game support was remarkable. Releasing patches regularly, fixing exploits, tweaking of guns and also the addition of the playlists. Introducing the competitive playlist was a great idea, although it wasn't populated that well, allowing a subsect of the gaming community to play with one another without having to log onto a gaming website is great. Also the introduction of the Express playlist was also very smart and I do thank the devs for what they did.

     In Game Scoreboard/Score Per Minute - The in game scoreboard was an excellent addition to the game and I praise you guys highly for it. Allowing players to see their own and others 'work' for their team is a great idea. I really do hope to see the return of the scoreboard in the next Treyarch game. Score per minute was fantastic and is used as a way for a player to challenge themselves during the later stages of the game's life cycle and again I commend the devs highly for this.

     Create-A-Class - The create a class user interface was excellent a big step up from previous titles. I like being able to change camo without having to select the gun category, the gun, the attachment and then finally the camo. Also I like the Equipment - Lethal - Tactical slots. I think that grenades should be replenishable with scavenger and so to tactical grenades (except if a perk like MW3's hardline pro is introduced because the ability to continually throw stuns and gain killstreaks is extremely unbalanced).

     Community Feedback - I loved being able to ask questions and be notified of patches/updates or possible server downtime via twitter/facebook. I love how the whole company listens and works well with the community.

     MAP PACKS!!! - I loved the constant DLC. A map pack released every 2 months (after the first 3 months of the games release) was fantastic! It always kept the game fresh and enjoyable and I do commend you on that.

     Spawn system - Call of Duty has small maps (compared to some other shooters) and with the amount of players on the maps spawns can be frantic and the occasional-rare unlucky spawn is always going to happen. I love the spawn system in domination (the game mode I play the most). If you had A & B Flag you would spawn somewhere in between the two, for example on summit you would spawn in/near the generator room on the catwalk side of the map, or up in the top control room whereas in MW2 (for example) if you had control of C & B Flags and you were killed as an enemy tried to capture B flag you would respawn in the green room (underneath the helipad) and would be able to kill them easily. I like that if I'm trying to cap B I can kill a couple of enemies near the B Flag and now that they shouldn't be able to respawn and kill me from behind.

     CoD Points - I'm not too certain how I feel about MW3's levelling up a weapon's feature and I am still unsure which is better gradually unlocking attachments or being able to buy them instantly. But I do commend you for trying something new, personally I liked being able to buy camo's at any time (except for gold camo) but I did also like the challenge of earning my red tiger camo. If you take either of these paths, that will be fine by many but take into consideration that people do like to be rewarded for playing the game as unnecessary as it its I prestiged to 14th prestige just so I could get gold guns.

     Theatre - I loved the introduction of theatre mode and hope that it returns in the next game. I would appreciate the option of turning theatre mode off in the next game though. I'm uncertain if turning theatre mode off will impact the connection during a match, though it has been rumored too.

     Boosters - THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR REMOVING TACTICAL INSERTIONS FROM FREE-FOR-ALL!!! I love that I can play a game of FFA without needing to worry about boosters who are trying to get Attack Dogs. This is also an arguement for keeping the CoD points system though as headshots aren't required to earn the camo's. I also like the report player function.

     Combat Record - I loved the introduction of the combat record and loved how easy it was to compare stats with friends. I really wish that this makes a return but I would also wish for an ability to make it private, though it will come at a cost where you cannot see others combat records. The only reason I wish to be able to hide my combat record is because when we (as a party) are searching for a game players tend to leave after looking at our combat records'.

     Removal of annoying/overpowered perks from previous games - thankyou for removing Dangerclose, weakening Noob Tubes, Deathstreaks, Commando and One Man Army (I'm still uncertain about the removal of stopping power as I do not wish for ghost to be overpowered).

     Wager Matches - I LOVED wager matches and were always fun to play. If the CoD point system is not returning I wish to have these game modes in a private match or be in a playlist, which is explained below.

     Snipers - I am not a sniper but I do enjoy playing with the sniper occasionly. Please do not allow fast/faster aiming down sights with a sniper rifle. If this is allowed in the hands of some players a sniper rifle is a shot gun at close range. But I do not believe the sniper 'nerf' was a great idea either. The sniping should be similar to that in CoD 4 and CoD: WaW. 

     MOST IMPORTANTLY: (Not really)

     FIRING RANGE!!! : firing range is the best map in Call of Duty history. It is small enough to encourage aggressive play but large enough to not be extremely hectic with several choke points. Please, Please bring back Firing Range on DLC or remake it or do something. PLEASE!!! I would pay $15 just for the one map.


How they can improve:

     Weapon balancing - The weapons weren't balanced too well. It is understandable to have several strong weapons which are better than others, but there should never be one gun that is always better than the others in its class. Weapon balancing is EXTREMELY important almost as much so as perk balance and a high volume of effort and thought should be put into it.

     Perk balancing (emphasis on GHOST) - Many of the hardcore CoD fans believed that Ghost was 'extremely ALL CAPS overpowered' but it really isn't. Compared to the other perks in its tier it was perhaps the most powerful but not 'extremely ALL CAPS overpowered'. I do not wish for the perk to be removed as a whole as it is a perk hiding you from killstreaks is needed and people need to remember that the game is a 'First Person Shooter' and not a 'Use My Killstreak To Destroy n00bs'. Although balancing the perks is needed. NOTE: there should not be a perk counter to a 'counter UAV' or 'counter spy plane' and an EMP and some of the counters to ghost/assassin need to be in place. Also the blackbird/advanced uav should show ghost/assassin users on the minimap and should not be shot down.

     Cool Stuff from MW3 - Introduce the prestige shop, support/specialist/assault strike packages, private game modes etc.

     Game Modes - Be open to the introduction of new game modes and please. Either you can 'hide/lock' the game modes on the disc or allow it in the coding to introduce new game modes in updates. Repeatedly playing fun things eventually makes it less fun so being able to introduce new game modes will be awesome. There are a lot of players who care about their statistics, introduce a playlist were the games do not count to statistics but only with non core game mades e.g. sharpshooter, infection etc. This allows players to play without the constant worry of having a 2.5 kill death ratio all game and when players do not care about statistics they will rush and will make the game more fast paced.

     Maps - Call of Duty is recognised and is popular for its fast paced action. Maps need to be developed which can fit these criteria. The majority of the maps need to be Small - Medium Sized (As mentioned earlier firing range is the best map in Call of Duty History). I believe that maps need to be altered for different game modes, like how areas were closed off in wager matches. For example Array Free-For All would be split in half to encourage aggressive play styles. I am not saying that all maps made should be small because there are thousands of ground war players who need the larger maps but being able to play those maps on smaller scales when less players are involved will be amazing. AND PLEASE NO LARGE SNOW MAPS IT MAKES GHILLIE SUIT SNIPERS TO HARD TO FIND.

     Keep deathstreaks away - deathstreaks were extremely annoying in MW2 and with MW3 they are almost as frustrating. That is not to say all deathstreaks are bad but a player should not be rewarded for dying 5 times in a row. If possible keep deathstreaks away! If deathstreaks have to be introduced bring back copycat, juiced, martydom and hollow points are great deathstreaks.

     SECOND CHANCE - Please do not bring back second chance, it is extremely frustrating and annoying but if it has to come back reward the player who puts the enemy into second chance and not the team mate who kills him.

     Sound Engine - Please make improvements to the sound engine. I know that allowing a player to hear an enemy from a mile away is over powered but sound is an important asset to any player and adds to the overall experience of playing the game.




This took me a while to type and brain storm ideas so please share and try to get Vahn (Vonderhaar) to read it.

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    Good work mate. This is very detailed and I'm sure Vonderhaar will read this. The next Treyarch Call of Duty will benefit tremendously if he and the Treyarch team do read this


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    I am tired so I didn't read muchm sorry OP. However, the map packs did keep things fresh. My only concern was that once the next map pack came out, it was pointless to buy the previous one becasue it was too hard to find a game with those maps. I can hardly find a match of, say, Kowloon or Discovery. Stadium is the only one I get.

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    Hello first off I want to address with the problems of Blops

    Well second chance was in my opinion a dumb idea but I see your guys point of view in helping new playes but the way the fall back and kill is unreal and I know the game is not suppose to be a simulation but common and think you guys shouldn't bring it back next

    Ghost I mean hiding from uav is ok cause the can be over used but I think that should be it the pro version can't see red name when aim at you should put another perk to hide from air support and pro version shot air support faster lock on or one less missile to shoot down

    And you want to put blackbirds again you shouldn't be able to hide from it

    Make sure all guns are balanced and not to have 2 guns that are much better than all the others and have the stats like the gun actually is not like the famas for example in stats it was a low to medium power assault rifle but it wasn't it was a high damage one same as the ak74u but enough complaining let me give u my opinion

    I think black was perfect apart from it being a little slow passed but good you know maybe make it more fast passed but not in any way as MW3 and the spawn in blops were really good keep them like that please not like MW3 where I can kill you and you spawn behind me or next to me and I think you guys are the best cod developers you guys really do care about your games you patched things I didn't even know about I loved that I knew if there was a glitch you guys will fix it right away I think in blops 2 make the maps less camper friendly if that possibly if not the blops map design were perfect an bring cod point back and more camos like gold red blue tiger something like that and I know its a lot to put in one disc so maybe make one for campaign and zombies and survival like MW3 and another for multiplayer so you can put more customization so thank you Treyarch you guys are the best thank you for months of entertainment on your games

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    Other than the lag there isn't anything i don't like about black ops. I like that the guns are not laser guns, even the Famas has hell of a recoil compared to guns in MW3.


    I really love the maps on black ops, just how the flow in general. I'm a big domination player and domination is just so much more enjoyable in blackops. I can't stand playing it in mw3.


    I would like to see the killstreak toggler in the next 3arc game. I hope they keep it having to earn your killstreaks none of that chaining crap.


    I would also like to see UAV being moved up a couple spots. 3 is just too easy for as powerful as it is. To me counter UAV should be lower than the actual UAV.

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    I hope the next Treyarch is CoD is like Black Ops... Black Ops is the best CoD to date

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    GREAT THREAD.  All really nice points made here, glad our "guy" Vahn checked it out. 

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    First of all great job on getting Vahn to read the post. Now David if you would please read this post because its going to be very descriptive and detailed about what should and shouldnt be in your next project. Treyarch has absolutely the most creative developers and yes im will give my honest opinion i do like modern warfare better just because ive been playing since cod4. Black ops had so much potential it just made me wonder how much better the game couldve been. Personally i loved black ops but it had its downs and they are minor things that must be addressed early and development.


    1) THE ENGINE- Im not saying you guys need a new engine at all. You guys can hold that off till next gen which is suppose to hit around 2013 but for treyarchs next game regard that. The engine MUST, I REPEAT MUST be amped up. Use the iw 5.0 engine which im very aware you know what that is and if you dont its the mw3 engine. The graphics and hit detection are great in that game. You guys must go beyond 3.0. Honestly even iw 4.0 would be freakin awesome for black ops 2.


    2) Hit Detection- This is the one thing that honestly killed the game. Black ops wouldve been a masterpieceif the hit detection was good. Im sure 99% of the cod fanbase agrees. This is due to the engine, connection, and framerate. Vahn dont get offended at all i love black ops and i feel like the next game you guys are developing honestly has the potential to be the best call of duty of all time just hit these points and i can envision a masterpiece in the making.


    3) Framerate- The framerate MUST stay at a constant 60 and nothing lower. I know for a fact that the ps3 had the worst frames i have ever seen. Me being one of the best players for 4 years its so frustrating to see me get screwed over because my bullets arent hitting due to the mechanics. i own both an xbox and ps3 and have every single call of duty since 4 and even the xbox would have framerate drops, not as much as the ps3 but it must stay a constant 60. One thing i wanna address as well is dont put things in the game that will have framerate spikes such as the napalms. I personally LOVE the napalms but if its gonna effect the gameplay just leave it out. You guys must make sure the game has enough memory to not affect the gameplay.


    4) Bullet registration- This is one thing that is interesting when it came to black ops and it annoyed the hell out of me. ESPECIALLY with sniping i would aim right at the guys head literally and when i fire it wouldnt register. i just didnt get it at all. im sure again this has to do with the engine and the mechanics of the game being not smooth. This goes for every gun, the bullets have to register better on the opponent its simple as that.



    5) Spawning- Every cod game is fast paced and thats the nature of it. But the spawning is just awful ill be honest with you Vahn and not only in black ops its HORRIBLE in mw3. Honestly its not even the spawns fault, its the size of the maps. Black ops had amazing maps one of the best out of all cods. But the maps are too small. They MUST have bigger maps its manditory at this point. it will resolve this issue and many more. You guys should implement a spawn protection like gears of war. Three seconds would be perfect.


    6) Sniping- The sniping in black ops was good but it had its flaws. I totally loved the load in time for the snipers but i would suggest just a tad faster. Dont put it like mw3 which is wayyy to fast but somewhere around cod4 scope in time or a little under mw2. Put more snipers for sure. Mw3 did an excellent job with this implementing 6 snipers. i think you guys should put 6 as well. The hit damage for snipers was good in black ops but again it was the hit detection and frames that caused this.

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      I gotta say that the spawns in BO were just about the best in the series.


      Certain maps like firing range or nuketown its simply impossible to avoid, the maps are too small.  Also it will happen every now and then in other maps, its unavoidable from time to time, but outside of nuketown I find it to be a rarity.  Its a hell of a lot better than WaW which was awful and mw3 which is the worst ive ever seen in a videogame.


      Im honestly hesitant for them to change anything combat wise.  I personally found the gunplay in this game to (arguably) be the best in the series (waw the only competitor).  It is likely because the game isn't as much of a giant sprayfest with everyone instakilling each other like mw2 and 3.


      I understand there are some hit detection issues, I wont argue it, but whatever changes I dont want the combat pace to be sped up as a result.  Skilled gunbattles are very important to me.

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    If they want to make the game 100 times better simply use the lag compensation system from MW2. Black Op's had horrible lag balancing issues and MW3 is even worse. Go back to whatever MW2 used because that was near perfect.

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    theres very little i dont like about bo, things that if it was down to me i would think about


    decreasing the overlap in weapons as in smgs rule cqc, ar mid, rifles mid to long ect. bo is not bad but i think i could be tempted to tweek it a lil. i have got a few fairly long range kills with smgs, which i dont think i shouldve really.

    i think i would increase all bullet damage, [bo ground war] 3 enemys around around corner all together, dont really stand a chance due to lake of stopping power.

    all snipers would be center mass/headshot ohk, balanced by accuracy and fire rate.

    battle rifle [m14, fal] would be 2 shot kill across map, 1 headshot close to mid kill.

    lmgs i think are pretty rubbish. i would like to see them be more usefull as squad support, maybe reduce mobility but increase accuracy and damage

    i know its not real but i would like to see the likeness closer, quickscoping would not be possible [well done, a big thank you for bo] snipers now have 'no red name' a ghilie, resupply of claymore, an maybe no kill cam for your victim. you can pick off enemy reinforcments while the lmg gunner lays down firepower covering the squad capping b. that is what is supposed to happen


    i would be very tempted to remove silencers from everything but smg an pistols

    ghilie suit an no red name i would remove from ghost an give from start to sniper class

    possibly remove 'invisible to air support' from ghost. it still gets spy plane, sentrys an thermal. is that not enough ?

    recon id swap 2nd chance for a 'stalker' like perk

    scavenger would resupply everything

    warlord would include under barrel


    if poss i would like to see more players per team in ground war. more people more acion explosions noise ect ect. all game types should be the same in hardcore also. hardcore dom, groundwar ect ect


    the maps are brilliant in bo and waw, b near enough in the middle an stratigic points overlooking. good close quarter fights, good bit of range for longer distance work, flanking routes, its all there. treyarch maps are good, very good


    i have had many many epic gun fights over 'b' flags in bo given me many hours of enjoyment an dont regret a second. the points ive made i would certainly have a good think about test them to try an create more towards this type of gameplay, a good fight !


    some could be seen to promote camping, good, cap 'b' an camp away over it. the fight is an should be all about 'b'


    i like domination btw !

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    Perfect post. The only thing I can't agree with is the prestige shop. Double XP weekends were great because everybody was on and it was much easier to level up and have a good time. Honestly, I know it won't happen, but I would be thrilled to see the exact same Black Ops with new maps. I'm not big on the 'set in the future' ideas.

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    Good post. Second Chance is confirmed to not be in Black Ops 2, we can rest asured. For me the two biggest things they must get right with Black Ops 2 multiplayer are LAG and HIT DETECTION!


    No matter how balanced a game is, lag will always take presidence over determining who wins. If people can shoot targets without actually aiming at them, or if people aim at targets and somehow fire straight through them then the hit detection is off, and that is also probably just a product of the lag.


    Lag is priority number one. Making sure bullets go where bullets are aimed is number two.