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A Rough ''How to'' Guide to Shotguns In MW3

People are always whinging on the forums that Shotguns aren't what they should be in Modern UMP 3, so I thought I'd use all six for an entire Prestige, come accustomed to them, find out any if there was any trick or something I could impliment into my playstyle to allow me to do better with them, and ultimately decide whether or not they are actually as bad as they are made out to be. I'm not going to lie, I didn't spend equal amounts of time with each, some are utterly insufferable, but alas, here's what I came up with. (Get ready for a long as sh1t thread.) Bear in mind, this is a rough guide, which is more of a thread full of little tips I use when running a shotgun in MUMP3.



Let's start with something I have found very useful.



- Steady Aim Pro. Now, normally, I'd run Dead Silence Pro most of the time, but I've come to the realisation that Shotguns become very annoying, at least to me, when I don't have it on. Because it's very difficult to get a One shot without it at anything other than point blank, and even then, it isn't certain.

Well, at least in reference to the Pumps/Lever (KSG, SPAZ, Model 1887). I think you'll find it's a lot easier to survive encounters when using these when you don't have to repeatedly pop rounds into your enemy, after all, he'll probably just One shot you with a Type 95 or a UMP.


I'd also class the USAS 12 as somewhat of a Pump, well, it's not, but the firing cap on it makes it behave like one, it's technically semi, but it's not the AA-12, you have to wait quite a while between shots, I'd advise not running it with the ''Spray and Pray'' mentality. Still attempt the One Shot.



With the Striker and the AA-12, Steady Aim isn't so much of a necessity, but it's still advisable, but these guns are extremely spray friendly.


Regardless of SA, you always want to have as much of your enemy inside your four little crosshairs as possible, and if you can afford to get closer, do so, the further you are away, the more hitmarkers your gonna get before he goes down.



Flank as much as humanly possible, avoid 1 on 1 confrontations at all cost, remember that Shotguns are EXTREMELY underpowered in comparison to the usual guns you will come across (UMP, Type 95, SCAR-L, ACR etc.) and they are all very capable of beating you face to face. These Shotguns aren't what they were in Modern UMP 2. Be aware of what your class is capable of. Pick your battles. Being behind an enemy will give you the advantage, especially if you hitmarker him.



Which is why I recommend highly that you run Assassin Pro.



DON'T BE AFRAID TO RUN AWAY! Seriously, if you come across a player who has a range advantage on you, don't even bother, even if he's just in range. You will lose.



Use your intelligence, if you hitmarker someone, think about whether or not you've actually got time to pop a second round into him, if you don't, RUN AWAY, or if you don't have a chance to do that either, you don't have options, take the chance, try to hit him again.



You can and will get multiple hitmarkers, a second shot doesn't instantly mean a kill. Especially if he's behind some form of object. The closer you are, the better.



USAS 12:


This thing is ugly, it handles ugly, it feels ugly, it looks ugly, it reloads in an ugly fashion, it's just ugly. The other shotguns are far more preferable, but it doesn't have too bad of a damage output. It's semi, but treat it like a pump, the firing cap will not let you use it like a Striker.



The range is actually quite good on it, but remember, it's still a Shotgun, so it's effective range will still be significantly less, again, the closer you are, the better.



KSG 12:




Steady Aim needed. Simple. You won't get One Shots without it with this thing. But with SA, it's not bad at all, feels very similiar to how the SPAZ behaves with it. It holds a hell of a lot of rounds, Extended mags would be a complete waste of an attatchment. Recommend hip firing.



SPAZ 12:



I maxed this gun out, so much fun. Whack on SA Pro and Range and it's got the effective range of the Pre Patch Akimbo Model 1887's In MUMP2. Absolutely devastating. If you've got your enemy taking up all of the space inside the four crosshairs, you've got a One Shot most of the time, but there are exceptions. Always be prepared for hitmarkers.






In MUMP2, I had it with Extended Mags and ran around in FFA giving out Booster justice. It doesn't behave that differently now, except with a significant drop in Damage, but if you spray your enemy, the Churchill dog effect will come into place and your enemy won't be able to hit you, so no worries. Scavenger and Extended Mags highly recommended. You only get a couple of mags. This thing is quad feed heaven when you run into the enemy spawn.





Impliment the ''Spray and Pray'' mentality with this and your going to have fun. Sleight of Hand recommended, it comes with a big magazine but it's a b1tch to reload when empty. Churchill Dog will help you a lot with this gun, even if your just in range, spray your enemy and his head will just bob up and down, he won't be able to hit anything. You can afford to be a little more aggressive with this, you don't have to pick your battles as much as you do with the Pumps.


Model 1887:



A slightly toned down version of the SPAZ, it feels like it has a little less damage, hitmarkers are more frequent, but again, SA and Range, absolutely brilliant. But flanking with this gun is most recommended, catch your enemies by suprise. The SPAZ is the better weapon, but the Model is still very usable, and I always like a Lever Action.



The Shotguns in this game are very usable, it's just that no one is even attempting to get a feel for them. Whinging that they aren't the same as MW2 isn't going to help.



This is just my look at the Shotguns in MW3, hope it helped, if not, sorry I wasted your time.



The best advice I can give is, use them, get a feel for them, learn what works and what doesn't for you.

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    Seems like you got beef with the UMP bro.

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    Love you post and your approach v good have book marked. Agree with 80% but some of this stuff is subjective. Agree with your general conclusion. I like my striker it's fun indeed.

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    Shotguns are pretty fun to screw around with, but they are severely underpowered.


    For anyone trying them out for the first time, I HIGHLY recommend the striker.  Its far and away the best of the bunch.


    For the love of god stay away from the pumps.  I leveled up the spas 12 and it was the worst gun ive used in a cod.  At least until you get very close to weapon level 30.  From 5 meters away, a perfect shot center mass will not kill players sometimes. 


    If a pump doesn't 1 hit kill, you basically die.  When it doesn't 1 hit kill just outside of knife range then you know you are doing it purely for fun or the challenge of it.

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    For me the spas has been inconsistent with its hit detection, but definitely fun to use. I had one yesterday where on my screen, I shot the enemy with all the pellets in his upper chest, neck and face but didnt even register a hit marker. I was playing second player with my brother and he was also getting hosed all game in firefights, so we quit (borderline rage quit lol) and the host migrated. I was like what? how did the game think it was a good idea to have us host playing split screen on an admittedly mediocre connection. Silly. But that's getting off topic. My other bit I wanted to say was that I enjoyed trying the shotguns out while playing split screen because as much as I want to say I don't care about my stats, I do a little bit and don't care to have my stats destroyed until I get the knack for the range and strategy of the shotties. Tried the striker with extreme conditioning for a rusher class and that was also really fun. I've gotten better with them, but I just can't trust the game to be reliable with how the shotguns perform at least until I've gotten my skill w/ them up a little more

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    ther is a glitch at the moment with shotguns were you get more pellets per shell if you have extended magazine on.


    I wouldnt rely off it seeing as how it is a glitch and will most likely be removed eventuall but at the moment it is here and will increase you damage output.

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    Nice topic zoneeee! Very interesting... it's nice to have people like you around participating in forums and contributing to the community. I didn't read the entire post just some parts of it to get an overall idea but it seems to be a useful piece of information! Keep it up!

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    I know the Striker is probably so much better but I just absolutely love the AA-12 and I did in "MUMP2" , it just feels like a monster when you fire it , total shame it needs Scavenger though

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    I don't use Sleight of Hand on the Striker. I don't know why. If you have to, just reload a few shells and keep on moving.


    What is the difference between the KSG and the SPAS?


    What is better, range or damage for the 1887/KSG/SPAS? To me, Range sounds utterly worthless. Why would I want to increase my range, when these shotguns have a huge casualty radius compared to a lethal radius? Striker is the exception because of the spray and pray.

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      Really? I tried out the Damage proficiency a little on the SPAZ/KSG/Model, didn't really care for it. To be honest I didn't see that much of an improvement. Having said that, I can't say I used it a lot, just threw it on for a few matches.



      I'll try it out for a few more matches.

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        I thought the damage helped the most, out of anything (I only have it for the 1887 though) with out it I would notice some killcams where I swear I had the guy dead to rights, and according to the blood around his scree he was damn close to being dead. The damage profecincy helped that out alot. I still have those WTF moments, but only about half as much as I did.

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    dont aim, aiming doesnt help and it might actually hurt from tests ive done.  you want to run steady aim, damage, and extended mags whenever you can on shotguns.  extended mags adds pellets to the actual shot of the shotgun, steady aim condences them, and damage gives you more bang for your buck.  and btw extended mags gives you more bullets per mag and more pellets per shot.  happy hunting.  best shotties are usas and striker and spas with extended mags and damage is superior to the 1887 imo

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    Very, very nice breakdown of the Shotguns, no argument from me on any of those...but seeing as I've already nailed 2500 kills with the Striker and then some, you don't need to tell me that it's the King of the Shotguns...(!)

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    I also agree with pretty much everything here. I have also found that (with the 1887 atleast) that at some ranges it is benifecial to "quickscope" with it. As srgt_jason said you don't wan't aim down sights, but it will bring the crosshairs closer together helping it become a little more consistant. It takes a little practice but you want to time it so you pull the trigger as you have the gun about halfway up.


    Good luck and happy hunting

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    Good guide. I personally love to use shotguns, but they're horrible in this game. They are all just like shotguns in Black Ops. Only the semi autos are useful. Literally every time I use either the KSG or the Spas, the majority of my kills with them take two shots and I even aim down sights most of the time when I use pump action shotguns to keep the spread small and accurate.

    I figured that the reason they made them primaries were because they were so good in MW2 as secondaries, but they made them primaries PLUS nerfed them. Why? I think they are like this to encourage people to use the "damage" proficiency, but people are saying they don't notice a difference with it anyways.

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      I agree, they do need some serious changes to contend with AR's and SMG's, doubt it though, all they seem to be patching is trivial BS no one even knows or cares about. Three Title Updates and the freaking Button Clan Tags are still there. Then again, wouldn't mind them patching the Type 95, thing is a joke, and not even a good one.



      Don't want them to over-do it though. They would probably go completely OTT and make them absolutely devastating One-shot at any range BS cannons.


      Glad this thread is being so well recieved!

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      my thoughts exactly bro. And who's bright idea was it to have the damage profeciency? Even if it did make the shotguns oneshot kills 100% of the time (from a distance excluded)what's the point.


      my version of IW- "so we are gonna make the shotguns worthless until you get it to level 29. By the way getting it to level 29 is gonna be a ***** because you can't kill anybody with it until you have leveled it up."


      They basically made shotguns a catch-22