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I need players for my clan. I didn't make it yet but I am a founder and still have clan XP boost message me if your interested in joining. (Xbox only please)

I am making a clan, I didn't make it yet because I need players, I am a founder and have clan XP boost if that interests you since I accept any one there will be kids so if you don't like kids don't join. The name will be LordsOfAnarchy. I am going to be serious right now, I'm not bad but I'm not amazing either, I'm an ok quick-scoper and good with sub machine guns, I average about 10 kills a mach give of take a few. I'm a great tech-guy. I am a level 74 and play quite a bit when I'm doing homework. We will except any body except ignorant and rude players.

My gamertag is SupaIllinoisBoy