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~Rage Reborn~ (Xbox 360 Clan)Over 330 wins and a 70% win percentage~

Rage Reborn is now open for recruitment. (An Xbox 360 clan) With already over 330 wins and a 70% winning percentage, Rage Reborn will help you get all the un-lockable titles, emblems, and double xp hours via Call of Duty ELITE.  We currently have a 38 game Hardcore Domination Win streak, but are open to all types of games to include Kill Confirm and HC Search & Destroy.  All stats can be confirmed by looking me up on ELITE.

Our official Clan website is located http://z3.invisionfree.com/Runexus

Most of the members that have already signed up are Military and are experts at Warring, winning, and maybe most importantly fighting as a team. 

Fell free to add me, message me, or simply ask questions in here, or on ELITE, or even better yet on the Rage Reborn Clan Website. My Xbox Live Gamertag is Full Metal Elf.

~Fear Nothing But Rage~