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dog tags

has anyone else noticed that some tags disapear within a second of being dropped i shot someone with a shotgun today and the tag was gone before i got a chance to grab it and we all know how close you need to be to get a kill with a shotgun in this game.


and what about the red tags why doesnt anyone give a crap about collecting them ?

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    Did the guy rage quit? If he does his tag vanishes.


    It seems like almost no one cares about picking up tags anymore, enemy or friendly. Just more points for me i guess.

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    I still haven't figured out what causes them to disappear...


    I think it's when someone gets killed again, their 1st set of tags disappear. Maybe you can't have two sets available at a time?




    ... and I'm a tag whore. Red gets me 50 points, too.

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    I've never seen that before; most of the time I grab the tags immediately when they drop (I tend to sneak around with a shotgun in KC unless the map dictates otherwise). I don't think they disappear upon respawn; that is, unless they patched it to stop TI denies (someone drops a TI, dies, then spawns on it for their own dog tags).

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    I've seen this happen as well.  Sometimes the tags stay for quite a while, and other times they dissapear very quickly.  IMO the tags shouldn't go away ever unless they are picked up.  That way you *have* to confirm a kill or else it will get denied (or vice versa). As it is you can leave tags without it affecting the score.