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wow. What a load of crap :')... why the hell is it in the game!? for little badkids to go 'ohh my god you're not quickscoping you're rubbish at sniping' its not even realistic... asif someone could even do that. Also its so easy to do.

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    "Quick-scoping is tight dude, btw, can I have a sip of your Mountain Dew?"

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    Its not easy, but of course you know that. The QS haters have tried and tried to accomplish some nice sniper gameplay and they simply cannot. They latch on to the couple of times every once in a while when a sniper is forced to try a QS to further their meddling anti-QS campaign. Trust me, its not an efficient way to get kills and win. They also use killcams as evidence in their ********. These killcams are completely inaccurate and will show the sniper not scoped in, when in real time they absolutely were. Its not a problem. There is absolutely no way that people could actually have a problem with QSers unless they are the ones that get owned by them, while rocking a full auto laser beam I might add, or they have tried it, can't do it, and their egos are now shattered and the only response is to declare QS as cheating. Silly little people. LOL

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    I haven't been owned by QS'ers nor have I tried QS'ing, yet I have a problem with it.

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    I've been quickscope/knifed from accross the map. Funny to watch on the replay.

    Seems like taking advantage of a glitch.


    I'll reserve judgement until I try it for myself.


    I'm terrible. If I can do it, it's broken....

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    Outeide the physics of a few of those snipre rifle dislocating your shoulder if you fired them up right like that it's a game and you can break the games "rules" to be better at something. Quick scoping is fine and they're easy to sneak up on. If I get popped by one I come around the other way and knife his ass it's funny.


    Last night I got owned by a guy with a pimped out striker. Way more annoying than a quick scoper, but he did the work to make his striker a beast and so can I so it's fair that way.


    My advice is go through some of the improvement videos on Elite and hit up some YouTube videos.

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    So just go give it a honest try. Let us know if you respect it after that.

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    I'll pass, thank you. It just doesn't seem fair. I saw on a final killcam a QS kill where the dude totally was not scoped in at all, and the hit marker was no where near the victim. I don't agree with your argument of the QS'ers being scoped in in "real time".

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    Quickscoping is EASY, it is STUPID, and it shouldn't be in the game. Quickscoping is not sniping. Of course the maps in this game are so ridiculously small and cluttered, that you can't really snipe properly anyway. So, I take it all back. Keep quickscoping! It's the best!

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    And thank you for validating everything I just said in my original post.

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