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  • 10. Re: Quickscoping.

    Quickscoping offers the CHEAPEST kill of this game.

    I've been watching replays over and over when a quickscoper killed me and when I use it and it is very FRUSTRATING because of how EASY it is. It has a wide hit radius if not ridiculously crappy hit detection. The target was off mark by inches in my screen but it still hits. Also, you only need to move the scope where the enemy is and you get a cleanshot, absolutely no accuracy required.  The cheapest part in this is most of the time the scope itself is not used to make a hit. Just a quick pull and draw to where a player is and you are guaranteed of a hit. Snipers use as shotguns, fck that.


    To IW and SG, I don't understand why you are SPOONING quick scopers. This is one cheap and broken part of this game.


    A lot of gamers who like to quickscope would disagree because obviously they don't want their CHEAP shot taken away from them.

  • 11. Re: Quickscoping.

    How excatly did I do that? I clearly stated that I don't agree with you.

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    yeah never again will a developer be influenced by the silly QS haters. They realized that the haters are the kind of people that will allways find excuses to comfort their bruised egos after they try and fail. You all had ur moment in the sun when Treyarch listened and got on the bandwagon, but all of that is gone now. They acknowledged the mistake and realized they were just caught in the hype. Game Over. Peace.

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    You're not telling the truth. You're just not.

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    I have countless clips of final killcam quickscopes...If you watch the gameplay footage, you can see me scope in, and in the final kill came it shows i never looked through my scope.  Believe what you want, but just because you can't do it, doesn't mean you're right.  Take a lap.

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    I challenge any anti quick scoper in here to post a full gameplay of you dominating while being aggressive with a sniper rifle. 


    I've made this challenge in multiple anti QS threads dating back to Black Ops and not one person has stepped up and proved how "easy" it is. 

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    Actually, next year. Next year will a developer be influenced by the 'silly QS haters'.


    Treyarch doesn't support QS at all.

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    I'd very much like to take this challenge. Not to prove anything, really. Just to see if I can do it :]

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    I had one guy try,  he posted a 30 second clip of him hitting some quick scopes and saying he dominated in that game.   I went and watched the full game in his theater ( Black Ops),  He ended the game going 11 - 30 and did nothing to help his team. 


    I hope you do give it a try and give us your honest opinion on how easy or tough it is to be an affective aggressive sniper. 

  • 19. Re: Quickscoping.

    Who asked you? But, you are right about one thing, I can't do it. I can't do it I have a sense of honor.

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