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any tips for the AK-47


hello i need some kind of tips for the ak-47 it seems like most of my gun fights i cant win (wether its close range or mid-range)


i use ak47 with the focus and red dot sight

extreme conditioning




any help would be great... i love the ak soo much but sometimes i feel i need a little help just getting better at it and getting an edge on gun fights

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    Slight of hand.



    Enjoy owning with the Ak-47.

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    extended mags

    the only perk that made a serious difference for me with this gun was stalker/pro. but when i was running it with recon and it was fun. the key is dont sprint... seriously. i noticed that sleight of hand made me rush into gun fights. 2 round bursts long range (ie taking out fwams in the seatown sniper house from the fountain on the other end) and hip fire is decent for headshots in oh-**** moments. any sight attachments really threw me off bc hit markers and dots are always jumping in CQC. but what am i saying, youve probably figured this out since this post is 2 months old.

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    My tip is don't use it, it's a poor man's acr with recoil. In fact screw ars, they are not needed on most these cqb friendly maps unlesss you like to pick off people as they come at you. RF smgs is where it's at in this game. I would recommend the MP7 (has ar recoil as in little) or PP90 with range or kick.

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    The AK in this game is the worst version of the gun they have made.  But it has always been one of my favorite guns in the games. 


    Anyway I think the silencer is prolly the best thing you can run on this game.  I usually also run kick but still with the heavy recoil even with it IDK if it is really that important.  As far as perks I would prolly either go SOH or SCAV / ASN, QDRAW, or HARD / STEADY or STALK.


    I really like STEADY AIM with it.  To me the AK is best at that mid range. With SA you can hipfire a little more to get the jump on the enemy to make up for the recoil misses.

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    Yea dont use it sucks big time, the ak in mw2 was gooud imo, the ak4 in Blk Ops was amazin so easy to use, but imo this is defo the worst version of it by a long way

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    yeah use kick and dont use a sight