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This is Why Boosters Play Kill Confirmed

Two guys boosting in Kill Confirmed helps both players tremendously... not just the booster who is doing the killing. Here is why they do it and why you should stop them... and ALWAYS REPORT THEM. I'll even show you how to spot them.


For starters, here is why they do it:


The person doing the killing benefits from getting not only kills, killstreaks, xp, etc... but moves up high on the leaderboards and can level up much faster.


The person using his tactical insertion and dying also benefits a great deal. Maybe even more. Why? Each time his buddy kills him and he respawns with his tact insertion he can collect his own tag back. That's an easy 250xp for him each and every time he does it. It adds up BIG TIME! When you see somebody with only 3 kills have a score of 5000 at the end of the game you can bet your bottom dollar he was boosting and collecting his own tag by spawning right on top of them while boosting. A person's score should be very close to their kill count. If you see somebody with an insane score over 3500 and he had less than 12 kills, you have a good reason to suspect he was boosting. But most boosters are greedy so their scores will generally be upwards of 4-5000 for each game they boost in.


How to spot boosters in Kill Confirmed:


As I said, check the scoreboard while playing the game to see if somebody is getting a ridiculous amount of points on both teams. If you get suspicious, look for the green arrow (teammate) on your mini map and see if somebody is just standing still the whole time and not moving... and then proceed to find them and see what's up. Or if the game ends and you see the scoreboard  has one player with a high score and high kills and then another with a high score but almost no kills, you know boosting was involved. In the lobby instantly report both players... over and over. Keep reporting them. Then in the next game you need to follow your "teammate" and wait for the boosting to begin... and then proceed to destroy their booster party.


Happy booster hunting and reporting. Somebody once said this is only a game and they (boosters) aren't hurting anyone. Hmm... the Super Bowl is only a game, too. How would cheating in that game be dealt with? Well, we all paid more than 60 dollars for our MW3 game and when people ruin the games we're trying to play it's like stealing from us. They're stealing our time which is wasted in a game we thought/hoped would be an even match and not one guy boosting for an Osprey Gunner or MOAB... or BOTH!!! The leaderboard in this game don't mean anything.


Oh... yep. There is a way to spot cheaters on the leaderboards, too. It's very easy. If you see someone who has an amazing number of denies compared to his low kill count and confirm count... you better believe he is a booster. It's much harder to get denies than confirms unless you are boosting. So look for people with huge deny numbers on the boards.


Thanks for reading.

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    The REAL boosters are in Team Tactical in full parties so no one can join.

    I will not say how, but I have done it this way once. A LOT of people boost in MW3.

    I made over 150000 xp per game the time I did agree to do it.They really need to patch it.

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      They need to completely remove tactical isertion. It wouldn't totally stop the boosting but it would certainly make it more difficult and time consuming for them. But that won't happen because the CoD series will always have cheap crap in the game..... like the knife, which can be used at any time instead of having to be an attachment or secondary. Of course, we can't forget about that little campbeat sensor.

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        O man the knife is soooo cheap....


        Let me guess.  You play on tactical?


        If you get knifed it's your fault.  Keep your targets at a distance or knife them first.


        Tac insert is a great piece of equipment for dom and HQ.  It shouldn't be removed.

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          The knife is cheap simply because.... it's cheap. It's a matter of lag, too. If I put 5 shots into a dude and he still knifes me, it's not my fault for shooting him. So don't even try defending the knife. If it was a secondary weapon that people actually had to pull out to use, then I wouldn't have any issue with it. Panic knifing is lame. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a lamer.


          Hey, the shotguns were great pieces of equipment, too. But now they aren't. Tactical insertions are for campers... and that's all there is to it. They are for people who expect to die. Just like how final stand is for people who expect to die. But this thread isn't about what you or I think about equipment. It's about people stopping boosters. Don't worry, the knife and tact insertion will always be in the game... so you have nothing to fear.

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            Man you really must be good.  You don't knife or use tac inserts omg.  Lol tac inserts are for people who expect to die and campers?


            Just because you shot 5 times doesn't mean you were on target.  If all 5 bullets hit the guy would be dead.


            What's your gamertag though?  You are making claims that anyone who uses something you don't like is bad.  Since you don't use these things you must be a good player.


            You probably complain about assassin, type 95, and fmg-9s don't you?

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              I don't complain about things being overpowered.... just things that are underpowered. I also don't complain about the knife because my complaints will only fall upon deaf ears. If somebody had to actually pull the knife or have it as an attachment then it would actually take some skill to use up close when somebody is shooting at them at point blank range. The tactical knife attachment is how the knives should be handled. Any Jim, Bob or Larry shouldn't be able to panic knife and get an easy kill in CQC.


              I have a gold Type95 but I don't use that gun anymore. It's not fun. I play with other guns because it's more of a challenge. I got gold on the Spas12... which, believe me, was a major challenge... and I did it in week 1 before anything was patched. My k/d ratio still hasn't recovered. lol!

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          I Agree , In team defender i use it to spawn close to the flag . its useful .

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        I don't think they should remove tactical insertion at all but what they could do Is once its placed it's only active after say 20-30 seconds, if you die before that time it'll not work. I wouldn't think boosters would want to hang around that long. Just an idea.

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    Just for argument's sake:


    1. Low k/d and high score do not necessarily mean a cheater, I very frequently go 12/20 or so and end up on top of the leaderboard, because I play the objectives and am very agressive about grabbing tags.


    2. A person campin their TI is not going to help his team at ALL. Woohoo, he'll pick up his own tags and get XP. Who really cares? He'll get that pretty little 10th prestige token next to his name, and he'll be no better a player for it.


    Now granted, I don't see the point of a bonus for getting your tags back, and I think it's incredibly cheap and bad sportsmanship, but it's not game breaking. It's not like you unlock Stopping Power as a perk at 5th prestige or anything.

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    It does not matter what you do people will exploit anything even If it is meaningless. Boosters will die out do to the fact that people hunt them or better yet they get there goal. As far as taking stuff out of the game, why? It was put there for a reason. Why screw the actual gamers that use it correctly over the people that have no skill. If the game companies listened to all the p**s whining idiots that can not strategize against another persons way of playing then this would end up Call of Duty: Bareknuckel Brawl. Then I guess people would ***** someone hit to hard. Word of advise: stop crying and learn how to outsmart someone. I know that may be hard for some but at least try

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    thanks a lot really helpful one. Happy booster hunting

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    I played "Kill Confirmed" yesterday on "Mission" and noticed someone doing this. He went 10 and 23 and he had the most points on our team by a mile, and of course we lost. I reported him as a booster so we will see what happens next.

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    Boosting and cheating are not the same thing. 


    Using a tac insert on your own to grab your tags is not necessarily boosting, It's simply a smart use of your available equipment.  I do this a lot when I play alone, because it's a unique challenge.  Your stats may suffer, because when an enemy does find you, you die twice and have to set up again because he camps your Tac Insert.  Mine, I still end up with a lot of kills, because you have to draw attention some how. 


    Collaberating with enemy team members to take turns doing such things, however, is boosting. People boosting this method, usually will have just as many kills as deaths.  You people fail at logic.  A kills B, sets tac insert, B kills A, sets tac insert, etc.


    your person that goes 3 for 20 is not boosting, he just uses a poor strategy.  Recovering his own tags and not shooting enemies.  When I do it, i frequently go 20/10 k/d. or so.  It's a challenge to set up.


    I go to a populated area and set up in a corner with my betty on the route to my spawn, so that there may be extra points, and I don't simply let people shoot me.


    I do however have people grabbing my kill tags(the yellows that I create), so they benefit as well.


    Using pathetic dstrategy and sucking at any given gametype is not boosting or cheating, you see it in every playlist, likely are guilty of it yourself on occasion.  You see it in TDM, Dom, etc etc.


    None of it is cheating, and only some of it is boosting.  As for reporting and complaining about the people who are just employing strategy, It's as retarded as a run and gunner complaining about people who CAMP(cassuallly assassinating moving people). 

    Get a life try hard. 

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    I still think they need to bring back cage match to isolate the boosters because they will never get rid of them. But if you have a game of six on six and one person from each team take themselves into a corner to boost then it makes it still even 5 on 5. If they our only collecting their own dog tags no points are gained hence then dont affect the score. So in retrospect they really don't effect the game behind cheaply getting titles emblems and xp. Being 10th prestige and all titles and emblems doesn't make someone a great player so in all honestly I really don't care and I will gladly kill them just to piss them off. They are not affecting my life.

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    I constantly get a 2000 - 2600 score with just over 10 kills. It's called the recon drone.


    If you want to find boosters check your map. If a team mate is in a corner of the map, and racking up deaths or kills you have a likely booster. Run over to him and see if he and an enemy are their with a tac insert.


    Collaborating with the enemy (boosting) is most definitly cheating. In any other competition if you were collaborating with someone on the opposing team it would be considered cheating.


    I don't understand how some people can think that when they play a video game all rules of fairness go out the window, and that it's not cheating if you can do it.

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    Some of the replies to this thread are just flat out stupid!


    1. Boosters DO effect the game... because if somebody cheats to get an Osprey Gunner and other high killstreaks it most definitely effects the outcome of the game.


    2. I was talking about boosters using tactical insertions to collect their own tags over and over again after their booster buddy kills them. I made no mention of normal players using tactical insertions. Why even bring it up? I'm talking about boosters and not normal players. Duh.


    3. Boosters effect the legitimacy of the leaderboards.


    4. Anybody who says "leave boosters alone" IS A BOOSTER!

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    I agree, boosting/cheating does effect the gameplay.   Here is a small vid of the exact thing you described above, resulting in the cheater getting a MOAB.  This happened the other day while my husband and I were playing kill confirmed and we were outraged.  Reported the players involved so hope they ban them or dole out some sort of punishment.



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    Note you reported in game strong suggest your tweet vid evidence and gts to @fourzerotwo. I love kill confirmed and if this form of boosting gets out of hand the match type will be shut. Lets smash this match destroying behaviour. Tweet Rob Bowling, get these guys banned and hung from the yard arm as a deterrent to all KC boosters. I will know we are on the right track when I laugh reading their whinning complaints. Thanks for this post I am now on Ban patrol ;)