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    When I get shot by a sniper and then run all the way around to get behind him and then he turns around and quickscopes me and I did before I can even get s hot off there is something wrong.


    Why dont they just take quick draw out for snipers and then have a snipers only gametype where quickdraw does affect snipers?

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    I had one really fun game of FFA last night, but dominate I did not. Ended 30-20. Figured I'd be less of an A-hole in free for all where I'm not hurting my team.

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    "..true CoD sniper..."


    So there's a club? I assume you're the self appointed president (since you're so skilled due to your quickscoping skills). Do you have a club house? Either way a "true CoD sniper" actually snipes, and doesn't use the sniper rifle as a cop out. Missing one shot doesn't mean you're dead. It just means that you quickly scope again and finish the kill. No skill needed.

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    i hate when people complain about QSing, give me a break. We all know they are at a huge disadvantage. You are using ur AR/SMG, if you cant compete with a sniper ( who most likely is using a bolt action) then u need to turn ur game off and put it away. I also hate when people say it takes no skill, where alot of the good quickscopers still go negative alot of times (do to the disadvantage) i would love to see one of u guys who dont ever QS go out and do it, come back when u go 2-30. Then tell everyone its easy and takes no skill.

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    coolwhhhip wrote:


    Its not easy, but of course you know that. The QS haters have tried and tried to accomplish some nice sniper gameplay and they simply cannot. They latch on to the couple of times every once in a while when a sniper is forced to try a QS to further their meddling anti-QS campaign. Trust me, its not an efficient way to get kills and win. They also use killcams as evidence in their ********. These killcams are completely inaccurate and will show the sniper not scoped in, when in real time they absolutely were. Its not a problem. There is absolutely no way that people could actually have a problem with QSers unless they are the ones that get owned by them, while rocking a full auto laser beam I might add, or they have tried it, can't do it, and their egos are now shattered and the only response is to declare QS as cheating. Silly little people. LOL

    Lolol. I could make a typical QS montage you'd see on youtube from the first match I ever played with a sniper rifle in MW3. I barely ever used a sniper in MW2, never quickscoped. But holy **** is it easy in this one. No skill involved. Aim is too fast, aim assist too strong, hitboxes for snipers are HUGE. You can miss by alot and it'll still register it as a hit. Ridiculous, but it's all about the $$$.

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    Not trying to call you out, but you should upload some good clips onto your elite account. I'm not doubting you can, or even doubting that the ADS time in this game is ridiculously fast...I just wanna see what you consider montage worthy.

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    The problem I have with QuickScopers is (Yes, it's a video game but the principle still applies.) that they are totally misusing the sniper rifle. Real snipers have to go thru some of the toughest training compared to other basic infantry units. To properly sniper in any CoD game and still go positive if not more, it is extremely challenging. Dodging stray fire, spams of grenades, almost constant rushers and still get kills with your sniper rifle, it's more than just sit down, scope in and shoot.


    I think I tried QuickScoping back in WaW and at first I sucked as I was still trying to figure out the "proper technique" and but quickly it got easier, too easy, plus it kept ruining my K/D.

    So I stopped and stopped for good. If I do ever get a "quickscope" nowadays, it's because someone snuck up on me as I pulled a quick shot to hope I wouldn't die. I don't however go put it in a stupid montage and act like I was a bada$$ for getting a cheap kill. And also, I don't have a squeaky voice so even if I did try to act like I was a harda$$, I wouldn't sound as stupid doing it as majority of QuickScopers do.

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    I can’t believe that people still think quickscoping is cheap. A player quickscoping will always lose against a player with equal skill using a reg. gun.


    Yes it is a OHK most of the times, but what happens if you miss? You are dead. If a sniper misses you close range and still ends up killing you, you need to get better. A sniper who repeatedly kills you close range, while you use a reg. gun, is better than you. End of story. The reg. guns in this game have little to no recoil, laser guns. Reg. gunners also have more perk options than a sniper who NEEDS quick draw. And stop giving me this “AIM ASSIST IS EASY MODE” crap. You don’t think it helps reg. guns? It sure does. Aim assist doesn’t do a quarter of the work that the player does. The precision and skill required to quick scope a player mid to long range is so much greater than the skill required for a Type-95 user to kill 4 players with his no-recoil, laser gun, sniper of an assault rifle. Snipers have possibly the worst accuracy when being shot at, where as you still have a chance to get a kill with a reg. gun.


    The same argument came up during MW2. Yes, snipers in this game are insanely good and it is easy to quickscope, BUT, look at how much easier it is to use a reg. gun. The fact that other guns drop people so easily makes using a sniper difficult. I would love to see any of you play aggressively with a sniper, go positive, and help your team in an objective game mode.


    Doing well sniping aggressively will ALWAYS require more skill than using a reg. gun. Sniping is the only indicator of skill IMO. I can find thousands of good reg. gunners, only a handful of good snipers.


    My friends and I (and most snipers) used to be regular try-hards. The first 2 months for us was spending the game calling in SR-71s, Choppers, and Dogs. It got boring. The only challenge was to snipe. I had 21,000 kills with the AK-47, started to snipe and ended up with about 35,000 kills with the L96A1.


    CoD is hands down, one of the easiest games to be good in. I find it fun to challenge myself by sniping, raising my accuracy, going for good games, and getting nice feeds.


    I think the misconception about quick scoping comes from the large amount of fanboys who try to quick scope and then yell at everyone who doesn’t. Don’t judge quick scoping based on the little kids, base it off the skilled and mature players who are actual snipers and know when to hardscope and when to quick scope. Quickscoping isn’t a play style, it’s a strategy.


    I’m not bashing all reg. gun users. If you have fun using those guns, so be it. But don’t bash those who put more skill and effort into their shots. If quick scoping really is that much of a bother for you, you need to get better. I’d love to see anyone here make a montage that is up to standards or get a good game play of them aggressively sniping.


    The problem some of you have is that you rather blame some aspect of the game rather than finding fault in your own strategies and skill. Nobody wants to improve, they just want everything that bugs them out of the game. No one wants their ego to be hurt, therefore a blame must be assigned.

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    You laugh because you are a sad little fool. In a battle of wits, you are unarmed!

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