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    The thing is, I've seen that kind of thing a lot on MW3. I get a couple of hit markers on the sniper, then he shoots and I die in one bullet. Maybe it's just lag, but it ruins my experience on the game. I don't really like snipers on any FPS, but they're more annoying to me on CoD.

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    they made it alot easier since mw3 im not complaining but sometimes it can be annoying but from what i heard thre gonna lower the damg on the snipers

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    coolwhhhip wrote:


    Its not easy, but of course you know that. The QS haters have tried and tried to accomplish some nice sniper gameplay and they simply cannot. They latch on to the couple of times every once in a while when a sniper is forced to try a QS to further their meddling anti-QS campaign. Trust me, its not an efficient way to get kills and win. They also use killcams as evidence in their ********. These killcams are completely inaccurate and will show the sniper not scoped in, when in real time they absolutely were. Its not a problem. There is absolutely no way that people could actually have a problem with QSers unless they are the ones that get owned by them, while rocking a full auto laser beam I might add, or they have tried it, can't do it, and their egos are now shattered and the only response is to declare QS as cheating. Silly little people. LOL


    lol... Quickscoping takes skill?


    What's funny is when the QSers get sniped--proper sniped--not QS sniped.


    They hate and hate because they think they're l33t for using an exploit. That's all it is. A cheap f*cking exploit.


    Quickscoping does not take skill. You aren't skillful for getting a lucky "cross-the-map headshot 360 noscope ladderstall" (or whatever the l33t terms are, I couldn't care less), you're just lucky. That's all it is. You can continue to exploit the system, but all it does is bring me satisfaction to snipe a QSer across the map, hidden in the brush with my suppressed RSASS. Even better is when I manage to kill them with a throwing knife. Most freak out and rage quit--perfectly fine with me.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------

    The only good thing about QSing is that most people are absolutely horrendous at it, so they give me free kills. I love sitting prone on the B flag with my FMG9's (I confess :/) and having a quickscope attempt to QS me point blank--and failing! lulz...

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    I understand your frustration, and yes lag does play a large part, but as long as something like that doesn't happen consistently, I don't think it is a major flaw.


    But we can't be biased when it comes to a topic like this. Think about it from a snipers point of view as well. I shoot people clear in the head with a sniper bullet and they turn around and kill me. I can shove my sniper into a guy's stomach and he would not die.This happens a lot more often than me quick scoping someone while being shot at.  A lot of people talk about the frustrations when playing against snipers, but I can assure you, it is more frustrating to play against reg. guns as a sniper.

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    Ur not telling the truth.

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    Someone obviously doesn't understand the difference between a trickshot and a QS....

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    It's funny how people call it an exploit. What exactly are they exploiting? IW and Treyarch know what they are doing to sniping. When you quick scope, your not "exploiting" a flaw. The designers made it so you could by minimizing the sway. Your example of how quick scoping is luck is also funny. That's trick shotting, which everyone knows is mostly luck.


    Quickscoping takes skill, and I've said it multiple times. To be a consistent quick scoper takes skill, not getting 1 quick scope every 3 lives. And if those who are failing at quick scoping are giving you kills, why complain? More kills for you.


    But I'm pretty sure any consistent aggressive sniper is more skilled than any sniper who sits in a bush.

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    A guy using dual FMG9's ******** about an exploit?  LOLOLOLOL

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    quickscoping is so stupid. when i'm not lagging my *** off i'm usually quick enough on my feet moving left and right to dodge 2-3 missed quickscope attempts while putting rounds into their forehead. nothing is funnier when a guy misses more than twice quickscoping and i get the kill. what annoys me is the quickscopers who get the drop on me from half the distance across the map, me not ever seeing them.

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    My sniper friends actually say similar things to you. They tell me that they get constant hit markers, but my other reg gun friends and I always seem to get one shotted. I can likely count on one hand the amount of times a sniper has gotten a hit marker on me. When I see a sniper, I tend to to think that I'm going to die. I'm just used to getting one shotted.


    I guess I need to give it a try, myself, to see what it's really like.

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