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    While the FMG9's do probably need nerfed, I fear it's only going to lead to seeing more akimbo MP9's and Skorpions. Those things have just as much range and are just as accurate. The FMG is just the first machine pistol you unlock, so you see it much more than the others. But just wait, once the patch hits everyone will be saying the two above guns also need nerfed.

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    Lol.. while watching that I thought that was your real voice... With the comments you put on the forums and the voice in that commentary, I was having a really, really, really rough time putting those two images together... lol

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    Now only if the spawns and connection issues are going to be addressed then you have a perfect game. Hopefully thats not the only thing being fixed in the update this week.

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    Or you could just shoot it down. Only takes 1 stinger

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    This time IW has full staff. Last game half of them quit

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    Steady aim and luck.

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    Yeah I agree but at the same time weapon balance should of been the last on they list and they said it was going to be the last thing but I guess they have already tried to fix the spawns and the lag. Its pretty pointless and making the guns better if they do not fix the big stuff.

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    This is the exact reason that you don't nerf guns.


    It will lead to more guns "needing" to be nerfed.


    Every single machine pistol is amazing akimbo'd.  Does this mean that every one should be nerfed?

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    As long as we're all dreaming...


    I'd like to see most of the AR's with a bit less recoil. A couple of them are ridiculous making the M4 a goto gun for many people because it's recoil isn't too bad.


    SMG's should have a tiny bit more recoil at range, all Machine pistols should have a lot more recoil, not less, the MP9 is like a freaking laser beam.


    There's still too much of an overlap in gun ability, in my opinion.  AR's are supposed to dominate at range, and SMG's up close.


    It's not nearly as bad as Black Ops weapon equality civil rights movement, but it's still got issues here and there in the opposite direction.  The CM901 is ridiculous, and the GC36 is sort of high as well, and we all know the AK47 is crazy as well.  These weapons are more or less useless for use at range, even with kick, without they're a nightmare to use.


    Heavy guns simply do not have the recoil that a lighter gun will have.  It is just a video game, but that reality is what fuels the game choices we make when we configure classes for specific playstyles. The point of having classes is to make them do what you want(aside from covering ALL bases).  If half the AR weapons, early in prestige and late alike, are irrelevant, it's a failure in game design and balance.

    SMG people run and gun, they expect either fire rate or power at close range and a quick ADS.

    AR people expect to have accuracy and power at long range, and a slower ADS.

    Shotgun users expect to not have to spend a weapon proficiency on damage(WTF is that?).

    Pistol users expect to have some good punch at close range, and to not hit jack **** with them at any longer distance.  These specifically should have null damage past XX yards, not simply a minimum(as should other small arms SMG's and Machine pistols, AR's even if they issue large enough maps)

    Snipers, typically expect to tear someone up with one bullet, not get 2 hitmarkers, silenced or otherwise.  Make them powerful but more difficult to use, like bullet drop in BF2, that was awesome.(Something COD could use).


    Don't get me wrong, I hinted up above that BO was terrible in this department, and MW3 made some major improvement, but it's not quite enough, in my opinion.  Each weapon, if handled right, can be pretty effective at ranges greater than their intended use, when in reality, smaller rounds simply won't even make it XX distance before diving into the dirt.



    Yeah, it's a game, but it's a game based on modern weapons, not sci-fi and magic.

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    If thats the case SMGs would suck at close range if we was talking realism. Bullets do more the longer the distance. Nah they did it right in this game and if you have not noticed every CoD game can shot across the map with an smg but its just alot of recoil when you go to the longer ranges and that why ARs are better so yeah I dont see what your getting at.

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