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Stealth Bomber, Akimbo FMG9  = O.P, Assassin Users = No Mini Map & Please, May us PS3 Users have A Hitmarker sound back?

First off, The Stealth Bomber Is way overpowered in my point of View. It kills people even when Theyre inside the Building, Drop Bombs that cover half the Map And really... Shouldnt be In the Support Killstreaks.


FMG9 Akimbo... Wow These things have so very Overpowered, Accuracy and Range Should Suck (So Stats say) Yet I can outgun People with any SMG or Assult Rifle at Medium Range or even a long with no Problem.


Assassin Users who dont use Specialist Killstreak should lose their Mini Maps when Theyre in play Unless they stop to Pause the game. At first I didnt think Assassin would be a problem, But as more people are buying the Game, I count in a game of TDM 4 Out of 6 People are Using Assassin, And lets face it, 90% Of people using Assassin are camping in Corners or windows getting Cheap Kills. - The Mini Map for Assassin users would make the Perk more Balanced as Theyre gaining so much and losing so little.


Hitmarker Sound... I didnt think this would be an Issue for me, But Im actually starting to Miss it. You may think Im being petty now but In black ops and Mw2 Shooting people and hearing the Hitmarker sound was awesome, Now when I shoot people it feels dull without it. So, Yeh I think we should get the Hitmarker sound back as Xbox has it. We brought the game also and we expect the same Features and respect as Xbox are getting.


A good note for SH and Infinity Ward, The Patches have Improved the game for me, greatly.


Oh yaaah... 1 More thing, Make the MOAB 20 Killstreak....... Kidding but its hard to get that thing.