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  • 10. Re: MW3 Online Game Fully Freeze - Have to restart console everytime!!!

    Thank you Dirty_Maineiac


    Finally someone responded reporting the same issue...I have been following up on this issue for  quite sometime, and only now I have received some responses from some people. Thank you..


    I dont get the ""DISK READ ERROR" message though..Thats interesting cuz in some cases it can also be a problem with the blue ray disk reader. But you can confirm this by playing some other games or playing blue ray movies and see if you have the same problem..


    There is also another interesting note I read somewhere in some blog and I think this may be a cause of this problem as well. If you have noticed, MW3 does not install its game data. It only installs the Patch. Usually, a lot of games, when you put the CD it, it installs some of the game date to the console first so it doesnt need to read the CD all the time. However, in the MW3, the CD is always running to keep the data readable and maybe this is the reason why MW3 is the only game causing the problem and it freezes on some console in the middle of MP gameplay. People have reported similar problem with MW2 before as well but I couldnt find any solution for that. So I am assuming they may have fixed the issue with a patch or something.. not sure since I didnt have Mw2...However, I thought it could be another reason for this problem. Not sure...just an idea..


    Anyhow...I also got a response from another bloke in the PS3 forum yesterday. He said that he had the same problem and he fixed it by disabling the theatre mode. Apparently the PS3 hasnt frozen for him since then. So it may be worth giving a try...I will be trying this as well and I'll update on how it goes in the next few days...Here is the link, you can have a read at this suggestion: http://community.eu.playstation.com/t5/PlayStation-Network/Ps3-Hangs-Modern-Warf are-3-Multiplayer-Constantly-Freezing-my/m-p/14280413/highlight/false#M571

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    Best thing to do is contact the products manufacturer i.e Activision. Ask them if they can help you.  Going on forums is hit and miss.  You might get someone who has had your problem, you might not.


    http://activision.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/activision.cfg/php/enduser/ask.php?p_sid= ODP*qmKk&p_accessibility=0&p_redirect=


    My experiences have varied with their support.  Sorry that you are experiencing these problems but reach out to Activision and see if they can help you.  Must be something either with your router or connection settings.  MW is pretty specific with the ports it needs open to function correctly.  Judging by all the stuff you have done to eliminate it being a problem with anything on your PS3, it could be something with your network setup. 

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    thank you kourtvizion,


    i actually did try to reach Activision. Thats the first thing I did and this was 3 weeks ago. Once I sent them an email, I received an automated response saying that there is generally no problem from their end other than the Elite prob that there were fixing at that time. And then it said that someone will get back to me regarding my enquiry once they have a solution. And there has been nothing since then and this is what is pissing me off. It does not take 3 weeks to get back to an email.


    I also tried their online chat support as well. I was waiting for over 1/2 hour on 3  different attempts and eventually gave up. What can I do? Thats why I have no other option than to follow up on the forums..


    I do thank you for reading my post and for ur response. I know what you mean by the network settings. I have set-up static IP address for this console and have also added this to the DMZ and the NAT settings are open. I dont think there is anything more to this...unless I have missed something. But thats one of the first thing I checked. I do realise that a lot of people in the forum claim that they did everything and nothing works but actually they might have done nothing more than restarting the console. But thats not the case with me...I literally tried everything..


    Anyhow, I will go back once again and re-check the network settings again just to be 200% sure....Thankx again man...


    I have resent another email to Activision once again..fingers crossed!

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    hey bud...an update...u are right, I did miss out on opening the ports. I thought I already set this up before and I was wrong. I did set up static ip address for various devices and added them to DMZ but i missed out on opening the required ports. When I checked out the ports open in my router, there was none on the list. Not sure why I always thought that the ports were opened...silly!


    Anyhow, I have now opened up all the required ports for this router and I am hoping I havent missed anything more...Anyhow, I will have a go with the game tonight and see how it goes.


    Thanks again man...sometimes it could be the simplest thing that we miss. Lets see how this goes...

  • 14. Re: MW3 Online Game Fully Freeze - Have to restart console everytime!!!

    hi kourtvizion,


    i just tried to play this stupid game again and it still hangs. I tried 5 times and it froze 3 times out of that...I am so heart broken..i was hoping this **** was fixed.


    i also tried what the other bloke in another forum suggested that is disabling the theatre mode and that doesnt work neither... :-(

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    i feel your pain dude  . this is bs! they need to fix this soon! guess they R too busy making DLC  to care about this right now!

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    Hi getKILLD,


    I Have the same problem as you mentioned above. Although my ps3 freezes only at the end of each game so far. It freezes exactly at the point where the final score shows up. I have one of the firsts ps3 (think its the 60gb version, with card readers) and never had any problems with black ops (luckily). I think the freezes started after the last patch was installed. Before that i had no problems at all.


    Currently having system software 3.72 and just noticed there was an (system)update available.


    Trying to install that, hope it helps. Otherwise i think we have to wait for a solution from the developers front. Maybe that an upcomming patch will fix the problem.


    I also tried to disable the theater (recording)mode in the options menu but that didn't helped either.


    Hope the ps3 system update fixes the problem but i am not convinced about that.


    Anyway i will get back here with my result.





  • 17. Re: MW3 Online Game Fully Freeze - Have to restart console everytime!!!

    I leave every game leave win or lose when the final score comes up. 


    Maybe that's why I don't freeze at the end of games.

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    The op is right these had happen to me couple of time play mutliplayer the game would start laging and then it will freeze. I have to shut down my ps3 to start working again.


    and also the audio will go beserck and I could only hear a loud buzzing sound.

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    Just played 1 match of demolition. Same problem... game(and ps3) freezes at the end of the game.

    Can't imagine that all thoose hard resets are good for my ps3 :S .



    Thanks for your reply allready thought about that aswell.

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