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Since you do check the forum quite often, IW please consider


There's not gonna be any hate in this topic. Please consider this when you support the future of your game IW. This is a mere suggestion from your hardcore PC fan, the players and communities that built this franchise from the ground up. I kknow you think of us as a "vocal minority" but I'd at least consider us a good chunk. It is your game so I'm not gonna yell and scream about it, I don't care anymore. I'm just gonna be mature about it, If you guys stick with us, then I'll stick with you. Good Luck.


As I type this, a few brilliant minds have found out how to tie in ranked dedicated servers over the server browser. While I do appriciate that you guys did include a server browser. The unranked only options really is a turn off for alot of players. While IWNet can be a great tool for quickly getting into a game with a group of friends, with the vurnabilty of the platform, can quickly be frustrating with laggy games and games with hackers as abundant as the amount of good games you get connected too. Dedicated servers are a good (not always perfect) fix for these issues. Don't get me wrong, leave IWNet in this game but please consider all points.


With ranked games now being in control of server owners, I understand how this could would impact the validity of the stats and leaderboards. It is my understanding (while purely speculation) that server logs from IWNet games are sent directly to IW servers that process the logs and update the data. Is it possible to create a second (or third not sure how many log types MW3 has) type of server log cvar that instead writes the server log in the same filepath the server is installed in? This would both benefit the integrity of leaderboards as well as support the communities and clans that typically depend on dedicated servers to recruit, grow, and sustain themselves. With proper server logs, us hardcore guys can create personal server stats and auto-admin tools that would help grow this games community.


Things like lean and full console support would be nice, but I can understand how, with the lag inherent on IWNet, leaning could possibly gamebreaking. I understand how you guys want to keep the game fair by protecting the config but please work with the community. Meet with ESL admins, Pro Gamers, and hardcore tweekers. They will be able to tell you which config tweaks can give one player an unfair advantage and which ones meerly help with vision and FPS. Things like FOV and adjusting ping bars/numbers are not gamebreaking. This is something that the community needs. I can tell you that even if I had the numbers shown to me I wouldn't back out of a game unless I had more than 125 latency. I might give the host a hard time if everyone goes 999 but hey, i do that with the 4 bar limit anyways.


And let our community support you. Give us the ability to make custom contents. Let us support you with mapping and modding tools. I don't see them harming the integrity of the DLC any. Heck on the black ops forum, most players said that custom maps suck and that they prefer the stock maps. I don't see giving us the ability to play on unranked only custom made maps and mods would impact those sales at all. If anything it would help increase both sales of the game and of the DLC. I hope that someone from IW still remembers iwnation. Remember the time when IW would actually work side by side with the community to create awesome custom mods and maps? A site like that lit the community up like wildfire. People wanted to buy Call of Duty to play all the awesome mods and maps. I still love playing on the Lord of the Rings maps on UO. History should repeat itself in this situation. Awesome support is what this PC community is looking for! You could increase the playerbase so much by showing us you are willing to work with us!


I think you know what we all want, you're about halfway there. I'm willing to support this game if you support us. If you guys really show that you're willing to work with us then I will buy all the map packs and all the DLC. I'm more than willing to show you guys I approve of what you guys are doing. I'm willing to invest $100 into this game. You gotta invest time with us though. Once again its your game, you're in control of every aspect. I'm not gonna invest a cent into this series though until you invest your time with us. (Last essay i'm gonna write on this forum, I promise)