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Mw3 DLC idea(what do you think)


Well, theres been alot of talk about weapon DLC, why not bring over the weapons from the story mode that didnt make it to multiplayer for some strange reason, i would love to ruin someones day with the ak74u. I think this should be done?


Your thoughts people, sound off below.

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    Sounds like a good idea to me. Id be down to use some new weapons, but theres always people that are going to be butthurt and say that the new weapons give an unfair advantage but like I said, they're just butthurt.

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    If the D.L.C is only a multi-player map pack then I don't want more of this....kind of game play.

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    This just gives developers and publishers more reason to take weapons out of the game and put them back in as DLC. It's a horrendous idea.


    Someone I saw the other day even said to put the weapons on the disc and then everyone can see them, but only those with the DLC can use them. That's a ridiculous idea!


    And then what happens if you run out of ammo because you haven't got the DLC? "Oh no, I can't pick up this gun because I haven't got the DLC. I'm screwed!"


    Not to mention the fact that it can completely screw up the balance of the weapons if it's not done right.


    Awful. No way.

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    I think that weapon DLCs will be awesome! I think that it will help to keep people interested and if they bring out the AK74u like the one in Call of Duty 4 and not like Black Ops then it will certainly be welcome. Perhaps they could do a Call of Duty 4 weapon DLC which includes the M4 carbine and the R700/M40a3.