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Community Manager

So where are the patch notes? It has been at least a week since 1.05 and nothing was ever posted from previouse patches.


Cannot find any time in your busy day of Tweeting? Oh wait you haven't Tweeted in 4 days? But isn't that how we are suppose to keep current with ongoing issues/updates with this game?


In previous CODs there were issues that the community helped eachother out with and solved a lot of issues for YOUR customers. Now when there is a large part of your community VERY unhappy with your product, and there is nothing we can do on our end, you are silent? How does that work?


Is Elite 100% up and running like promised for Dec 1st? Are you going to compensate people that have paid for Elite, money that you are making money on with interest, because a service they paid to be provided is not being provided?


So how do you manage to keep a job if you are not doing yours? If Respawn didn't take you they must not have thought very highly of you. As with the developers they left behind to make this pile you call MW3. With all of the flaws in previous CODs, MW3 takes the cake in poor decision making, code writing and release blunders. Respawn obviously took the right people with them.

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    I call him the Salesman. He took the CM title off his Twitter page. It is absurd that can merge post counts, profiles, yet not migrate the patch note layout for these guys to add to. I also doubt very seriously that will update the patch notes back to the first patches. That will only show the FAIL that is theater once AGAIN.

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      What the hell is "Creative Strategist"?


      Wow he posted something and he answered a question about boosting. Thank God he is getting to the heart of the major issues!

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        I have wondered that since IWF days. He needs to be aborted just like JD. Also with these new guys on deck... This will turn into a shell game of who should be responding to the masses. Guy Beahm is the CM for SH Games. What community do they have other than this one? Why is he not on the "Soapbox"?

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    He changed it so he isnt held accountable for not answering questuions like he promised they would this time around.


    Remeber how accessable he was before launch?


    Remember how easy it was to find him before MW2 launched?


    Same deal now. Once the game launches he couldnt care less. it happened with MW2 also. We suffered through Jav glitches, care package glitches and 18 man free for alls on Rust while he ignored all requests for help and instead told us about his family vacation and how great Batman was.


    At least give us some1 who cares. ACTIMikey seems to have no issues answering questions. Give us some1 who cares and will update us and patches and TUs. All we are asking for is some info. Not asking for free copies of games here.


    Aftyer spending $110 and buying CODs since COD2, I think we deserve a community manager who gives a crap.

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      Mw3 is turning the COD Franchise into a ******* joke.  There tons of issues, and no one from Activision or IW has really said anything.  They should take a look at what DICE is doing with the support they have been giving their players.  Seems like the DICE twitter feed is spitting out answers 24/7 while IW has their thumbs up their asses.