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Those of you who are unsatisfied with the purchase of premium ELITE, share your opinion.

I messaged Activision Support stating how unsatisfied i was with this ELITE service i have purchased, and stated how we never received what we were promised and how ELITE has shown no improvement over the past month while we have patiently waited, nor has ELITE given us the content we were promised by the first of December. Clans are pointless as we can do nothing with them at the moment and Lone Wolf Operations were a waste of time as most people have not yet receieved their digital rewards. I am very upset and unsatisfied as I have not yet been compensated for what i purchased. I sent Activision Support a message, speaking on behalf of thousands of other people who have been ripped off, demanding that Call of Duty ELITE must comply immediatley with our demands and compensate us of what we were promised, or a refund! So, fellow people, I encourage you to share your opinions and LET US BE HEARD! ELITE will not satisfy our demands unless we are heard!





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