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    what do you mean there is no objective in Headquarter and domination? you have to capture the flag a get 150 points for it and in Headquarter is 10 points for 20 second you hold it down even if you die. then people are boosting in these gamemode 2. if they consider these boosting they should take it out of the gamemode.

  • 11. Re: boosting or just lazy?

    He said their is no objective in Kill Confirm. I don't think you are understanding. People lay TI and stand on it. They get killed and immediately spawn on their tag to collect it. Over.... And over.  I wish I could find this. I would do some kdr boosting of my own.

  • 12. Re: boosting or just lazy?

    You said that KC is no different than HQ or DOM.  I said YES, it is. HQ and DOM are objective based.  It makes sense to use a TI in those game modes because you need to have quick access to the objectives.  I used to be a heavy supporter of the TI because it was a valuable tool in objective modes.  I personally think it sucks in MW3 (too slow to deploy) but thats a different subject.


    So ya, I was correct in saying it is COMPLETELY different.  There are no objectives in KC so you have a very thin argument for using one anyways but who am I to judge.  If you like a little corner then good for you.  TI all you want.  If I see you placing it in the middle of the map I'm going to report you because there is no "tactical" advantage to do so other than gaining massive amounts of XP


    I suspect they will remove it as they did in FFA.

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    Let's face it, the developers gave a BIG GREEN LIGHT to boosters when they once again implemented the Tac Insert. After all the drama and feedback with MW2, it has re-appeared in the current installment. They did nothing about the boosters in MW2, and nothing is being done about boosters now. I have people sitting in my friends list (I did this surreptitiously to see what would happen when I reported them) from 5 days after the game was released, who are still active, and still playing Multi-player. After a lack of action I have just had to "adapt and overcome" as it were. In Kill Confirmed, if the offending player is on my side, I camp near him and then take his dog tags when he dies. When he is on the opposing side, the obvious objective is to blow him up with the XM25 along with his Tac Insert. I've even had to go as far as to waste a valuable Prestige Token to unlock the Tac Insert, for the times when I am hunting boosters in FFA, as I occasionally get killed by them, and I'm not fussed on the idea of running the full length of the map to get to them again, with 5 other dudes trying to blast me to hell along the way.

    One way of looking at it, is that it has added a whole new dimension to the game, a game mode within a game mode.

    Another way of looking at it is: F*#k boosters, and f*#k those that let them get away with it.


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    You right. he ment there is no objective in killconfirm. but I think these a quick fix for the developers and it's not like they didn't know these was going to happen people are xp hoes.

    it's like taking a little kid to the candy store and you mad because he want candy.

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    I am a little confused on this.


    402 said its boosting but customer support says its not.


    Question Reference #111129-004543
    Summary: Is using a tactical insertion in Kill confirmed considered boosting if you us...
    Product Level 1: PlayStation 3
    Product Level 2: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
    Date Created: 11/29/2011 11:50 AM
    Last Updated: 12/04/2011 07:21 AM
    Status: Solved
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    Discussion Thread
    Response (William Mason)11/29/2011 12:03 PM
    Dear Kourtvizion,
    Thank you for contacting Activision Customers Support. This was a pretty good question and smart game play by you so I went to my supervisor to find out that info for and he said that you shouldn't be banned what so ever. If you are you should call us and we should be able to help you.


    Activision Customer Support
    Customer (Kourtvizion)11/29/2011 11:50 AM
    Is using a tactical insertion in Kill confirmed considered boosting if you use it to pick up your own tags?


    I would like official word whether or not this is legit.


    I dont really consider it boosting.  The developers put the equipment for the purpose of spawning where ever you choose.  If you get killed in the normal course of the gamplay by an enemy player who you don't know, is this boosting?  If it really wasn't meant to be in this game mode, take it out and avoid having people do this.  You really shouldn't ban someone because you were too lazy to correct your mistake. 

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    You worded your question in a vague manner.  If you use the TI and someone comes around a corner and busts you, you shouldn't be banned because you can't control every aspect of the game.  If you place it in the middle of the map to score an obscene amount of XP because you know you will die then I would consider it exploitation at the very least which is a reportable offense.


    Obviouslty IQ/SHG overlooked this as a possibility because they probably didn't foresee many people using the TI in a non-objective game mode.


    Bottom line - no one is stopping you from doing it.  You can continue to do it and I will continue to report it and we can agree to disagree.  Just seems like a gamble to risk days worth of game time only to get banned because you couldn't earn points legitly.

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    Umm boosting?

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    To me boosting is when you and ur friends do these together in a match ex. you kill him then he kill you and you gain the xp that way but if you in a random match with random people and you using your TI and people are snipping and not picking up the dog tag then it isn't boosting in my opinion.

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    they removed it from FFA???

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