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    it may be an oversight but it sure seems like a genious idea to keep the other team from getting credit for your own deaths.  Granted him going about it in that fashion by setting up right in front of a sniper is a bit over the top.  We normally leave a tag out in the open and let the enemy run back to the tag...  as soon as we have a pile of tags then we have someone run out and collect.  Never thought of using a tac in this game mode.

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    Well dont get me wrong.  I dont condone sitting on your tactical insertion and collecting your own dog tags while not helping the team.  I have posted in other posts and stated that I am not a fan of someone going 5-40 and getting top score.  Its about the win


    I average about 18 confirms per game.  So I do my part to help the team.  I find the tactical insertion way too slow and its clumsy.  I often do not use it.  On larger maps I will use it to keep myself in the action.  Sometimes I get lucky and get my own tag.  Sometimes I get killed and cost my team double the points.  Its a trade off. 


    Would I die on purpose to collect my own tag.  No. 

    Is it my fault that I am using the equipment available to me.  No

    Should it be taken out. Thats debatable.


    If they really want to stop this behaviour. Take the tactical insertion away.  Its silly to ban someone for using tactical insertions to get their own tags if they are getting killed in the course of normal gameplay.  Take it out or tone down the amount of points you get for your own tag and that will curb the behaviour.  maybe instead of 250 points make it 100 which is double what normal tags are worth.

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    You can justify this all you want and there are many scenarios to discuss but in the OPs scenario it doesnt matter whether he is sniping or 10 ft away.  Chances are the guy will respawn on his TI before you can get to his tags.  This is why they put the TI in high traffic areas.  They know that they will get killed and they know they will respawn before anyone can get to their tags.


    I was the same as the OP.  Took me two matches to figure it out.  Saw a guy doing this and for two matches I though I was awesome and he was a freaking moron until I finally glanced at his score. Average points on KC are what? 1500-3500?  This guy was raking in 5000+ XP a game.


    You say boosting is when two friends get together and kill eachother for XP, right? It's the same thing only you are using the other team and they aren't your friends.  They have to try and kill you or you will kill them.


    Answer me one simple question.  What is the tactical advantage of placing a T.I. in the middle of the map or in a high traffic area?

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    sounds like a perfect time, since he's not fighting back, to move in behind him and stab him... take the tag and as he spawns again... take the next tag.  Beat him at his own game.. he can't collect the tag if you happen to be on top of him...  he certainly won't think about doing it again since his plan has backfired horribly..  now he's not collecting any points and he's giving up two tags!!

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    I agree.  If you get killed by a random guy who is on the other team.  Its not boosting. Boosting requires collusion.  You need someone to aid you in your scheme.  If you get shot in the normal course of gameplay, its not boosting.


    The arguement can be made that camping for kills in objective games is boosting if thats the case.  You are taking advantage of people flocking to one area on the map to complete an objective.  You kill them because they keep coming back hence you are boosting because you are not completing the objective but you are adding to your score.


    Its not the best situation but if they really want stop it.  Make the reward less bountiful or take out the tact insert.  Its a simple fix.

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    I totally agree with you. It's clearer than we are making it.  Your score will dictate whether you should get banned or not.  If you use a TI and occasionally get killed and pick up your own tags a couple times your score isn't going to reflect that.  If they are constantly posting 5000+ games its going to be pretty obvious that they are exploiting the TI.


    Edit: At the very least high scoring games like that will throw up major red flags for the people that monitor reports.


    Simple solution: Remove it from KC and the problem is solved.

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    I read that somewhere I thought. I don't play FFA so I have no idea.  Maybe someone can confirm that.

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    It was rhetoricle. They haven't removed it.

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    It amazes me that they cant just let bad ideas die.

    Last stand was a bad idea.  Now they added a massive explosion to last stand!  What were they thinking?  They should have just taken it out.


    Same with the tact insert.  I think they took it out in ffa in black ops.

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    This wouldn't bother me in the slightest, I'd happily take the double kill and the tag after them.