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I would love to play cod but you make it so hard...


heres what happens to me



    It's hard because every time the kill cam shows you didn't shot 1 bullet and died.

    But you know it's not true, you were shooting a lot before you died.

    This is why i've quit MW3,it's not playable for me.

    MW2 was ok, i had fun (even if there were noobtubes,OMA and so on).

    But the LAG in MW3 is unacceptable.


    Just hear me out. Did either of you turn off your theater mode while playing? Yes, it makes it hard to catch gameplay without an HDPVR, but it reduces the lag that you get by a good deal. Give it a try, and hopefully it'll work. If it doesn't, then I'm afraid I can't help, but if it does, then you'll enjoy playing the game once again XD


      One of my friends was so fed up with this pile last night he logged off, took his MW3 to Gamestop and traded it in for BF3.


      Most likely I will be doing the same in the next day or so.


        Yeah right, like battlefield3 is flawless


          Battlefield is the glitchiest game i have ever played.


            yodagamer wrote:


            Battlefield is the glitchiest game i have ever played.


            How? I have not played it, I am only going on long time clan mates opinions.


            Does it have the ability to get a one shot kill without having the crosshairs on the target? Why shouldn't I be rewarded for being able to time a couple of buttons? Why would aim be important in a shooter anyways?


            Does its database/tracking/progress system work? Fully? I love shelling out an extra $50 for nothing. (I didn't buy Elite and GLAD I didn't!)


            Is the lag off by over 1 second? I am being nice on this one. It is a skilled gamer who can see that the person really isn't in this corner but that corner even though your screen shows him in this corner.


            Does it put you in a room in EAU when you are in the midwest US? Who cares what language or latency issues there are.


            Does it have enemies spawn right behind you, right after you killed them? I love having a streak coming to an end because of this. It is HIGHLY rewarding.


            Does it spawn you in front of a turret gun, a claymore, bouncing betty or an enemy shooting at you? I mean really, who doesn't enjoy this?


            Do the developers support the game? Or are their developers off surfing and just "in discussion" on what is wrong? Class act! BTW when the community throws out more support than the developer, there is an issue!


            Does it have dedicated servers? ooops I guess I shouldn't throw that in COD fanboys faces should I?


            Does it have a knife lunge that can make it through 10-15 shots from an AR? Who said you cannot bring a knife to a gun fight.


            Does it have Akimbo no recoil? I am sure all of us can run around with an automatic in each hand and be dead accurate while holding the trigger down.


            These are all must haves in an online shooter! If it wasn't for these little things the little kids who are not old enough to buy the game couldn't compete. And we wouldn't want that now would we?


            battlefield's beta WAS horrible. But now, all those extreme annoying problems found in the beta are non existent in the actual game. Most of you guys have never even played bf3 and yet you accuse it of being worse than COD! Call of Duty is dead already, every year they rush to bring the same unoriginal piece of crap they call a "new game", and every year it outsells. Why? Because call of duty is a fast food burger and battlefield is a served steak. Fast food burgers might sell more, but they are no way better than a "steak". I'm ranting on this subject because I wasted 60 dollars on a game that I thought would be amazing, But instead of being the game I was hoping for, it ended up being a freaking map pack for modern warfare 2 XD.

            Battlefield 3 is an extremely better game than call of duty, it had more work put into it, and has better graphics, audio, gamplay, and realism.


            I mean c'mon. ask yourself this:

            -Would you rather be stuck in a suffocting microscopic map with 11 other players or would you rather be in a collusal free roaming map with a total of 64 players!!


            -Would you rather be able to explode a couple cars and break some windows, or have actual destruction applied to the game. where you can c4 walls, giving you another way in to the building. Take down fences. And bring down buldings with your rpg and mortar.


            -Would you rather fly around a flimsy toy helicopter only capable of tagging enemies, or would you rather pilot an actual two man helicopter equipped rockets, mini guns, flares, and dozens of other vehicles.


            -would you rather kill someone with a knife just by swiping it across the screen, or acctually go through an epic takedown animation?


            And my last question. Would you rather call in an airstike, or be the airstike?

            In the end, I bought two games, one being one of my smartest electronic buys and the other being useful for other things, like a frisbee for my dog. >_< Battlefield 3 is the most amazing first person shooter of the year, and all of you arrogant jealous butt hurt call of duty fan boys out there need to accept that your precious call of duty is a fail this year! nuff said.

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              wow that sounds awesome .. my buddy swears how great it is and i may end up checking it out but it took me 7 weeks to finally get good at this game (mw3) so i dont want to turn back now .. but bf3 sounds like alot is going on .. sounds pretty difficult to play is it ?

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                heh where to start? Well, there are four gamemodes to choose from. Rush, Conquest, tdm, and squad tdm. If your a new  player, your gonna want to be in a conquest match and explore and mess around with the contolls in your base away from enemies. Then your going to want to jump into a tdm match and just shoot them up, get used to the recoil, bullet drop and the actual maps. Tdm being the most simplistic gamemode (shoot them), you then have to understand the objectives of the two more involved gamemodes, Rush and Conquest. (you can read the description of the gamemode your playing in the loading screen). Once you understand the objectives of the gamemode your playing, what a squad is, and what each class has to offer....i guess your free to do whatever the hell you want. I'm not saying you HAVE to get used to battlefield in this order, I am aware people have different learning styles and different levels of adaptability, but you dont have to do it this way you just need to get used to it by just playing. And last but not least...vehicles. There are two different types of vehicles in battlfield, land and air vehicles. Air vehicles having attack helicopters, scout helicopters, and jets. Land vehicles having tanks, IFVs, LAVs, and scout buggies. All of these, with the exception of the scout buggy, take a lot of time getting used to, especially the air vehicles. If you want to be "that guy" who dominates the air, your gonna need tons of practice time.


                to answer your question in short, it is pretty dificult at first, and requires a higher level of skill to play than COD games.


      I had a good one the other night, came up on a camping sniper, emptied the entire clip into him and he just stood there. The screen froze, then it comes back in and I'm on the ground dead watching the kill cam like WTF??? The lag in this game is monumentally horrible for something they knew so many people would be buying and playing. IMO they were not ready to release this game as shown by the number of times they've patched it already. Should have waited Till mid-Dec or January to release and had all these issues ironed out.


    I got about a day played in battlefield and it was pretty fun.  Good to kill a little time.


    That said I wouldn't play it extensively.  CoDs in general are better games.  Sadly MW3 followed MW2's footsteps of being a pos.  Thankfully BO exists, so ill be spending the next year with that.


    I go back and forth between BF3 and MW3, but today, I got so angry with the lag in MW3 that I just quit the game and put BF3 in. Havent played in a while so I've been sitting here waiting to update the damn thing! lol


    Enjoy the even worse bullet spread in the new BF3 patch, EVERY gun has to be set to like single fire as if you go full or semi auto the bullets like curve around the person you are shooting at.  Not to mention the suppression crap, fire a few rounds off near anyone and they can't do anything to fight back half the time.


    BF3 was fun at launch but it's got worse since imo.  Having more fun with this game that makes me rage at time .  They both have good and bad spots though, like any game.