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This game is a complete JOKE


how is it possible to get shot when i'm completly around the corner..how is it possible a guy takes 500 bullets but when i'm full health and get taken out by one bullet. how in the H*** is the guy already shooting before i even turn the corner..how about i see the guy first shoot him way before he even sees me he kills me when i watch the killcam my gun doesn't even go up or my bullets don't even show hitting him when i got a hit markers. IW Lag Compensation sounded good but is completely ruining this game don't punish us just cause we have better internet it's a complete joke

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    100% agreed. They need to put it back to the way it was in MW2.

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      I have a poor connection and its not helping me at all. I had no problem with MW2 and now I am getting slauthered. Watching those killcams just makes me frustrated. The problem needs to be addressed.


      It seems theres an issue with a lot of games this year MW3, GT5 and of course Skyrim. Are we paying for betas ??

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    Well, I call it death from a wall.

    It's 50% of my deaths.

    Another 50% are:

    invisible enemy in front of me (can only be seen on killcams),

    death on a spawn (new invention of this game),

    randomly exploding booby traped vehicels.


    They should wait with the release of this game till april's fool day

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    Well, sure am glad I was not the only player with these problems too. I realized tonight that when I bought this game I was only issued rubber bullets, even my hollow points are made of rubber. So I completely gave up KD's or anything else this stupid game tracks. Maybe they should take the game out of beta and give us real bullets. Put 2 clips of 90 bullets into a player tonight, yes all 180 bullets hit him, had the X showing it was a hit, the player then turned around jumped in the air and shot me once and I was dead! Dont know about anyone else but that is surely not gaming, IW is out for the money, they got it from me but they will never get another dime out of me!!!!

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    My record is a clip and a half.  I was on Mission and as I looked down from the ridge at the A flag courtyard I saw a guy running toward the ramp.  I was standing still and firing at him with my G36 as he ran and I was RIGHT on target.  I ran out of ammo, reloaded, and started firing again.  Apparently I was making too much noise and annoyed him because he turned and killed me with one burst from the Type 95. 


    The lag in this game makes me RAGE sometimes. 

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    This post is a joke. A redundant joke. Search function=thats all

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    The lag is really killing the enjoyment for me. I turned off theatre mode and that seemed to help a bit but not much. Literally had a game tonight on Interchange with a few friends. I start off with 3 straight kills, then I'm emptying the mag into a guy just standing there and nothing, no hit markers, no blood, nothing. The screen freezes, then comes back up, I'm dead, and according to the score board I have 0-0-1, so my 3 kills just vanished, lol. I have at least 4-5 deaths a game where it's due to me either spawning in front of 3 onrushing members of the enemy team or right in front of a guy spraying his AR everywhere and I die instantly.

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      Sounds like spawning to me.

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        u know it just blows my mind that they are "patching the spawns" after the game comes out. i dont understand a major part of the game that is soooooo awful. i really and i mean reallllly wonder if they even test this game out at all or just say hey release it and we will patch it later.


        1. akimbos= 40 feet away dead on accurate "getting patched"


        2. hip fire = without steady aim. same as number one not getting patched


        3 flash bangs= i throw it 20 feet away from me i get flashed for 5 secs. throw it 2 feet from enemy and they just continue aiming down sight in a corner not flashed


        4.blastshield pro= doesnt do anything against against flash bangs or stuns


        5. gernades/ launchers= so terrible. 2 feet from enemy and they just shrug it off. how the hell are u supposed to flush out campers. i throw it in a room with 2 people in there and just get hit markers all day long


        6. UAV = all u hear in a game is enemy uav up or friendly uav up. how bout like black ops have a counter uav that assasin cannot counter. i used to run it but whats the point now.


        7.the constant random explosions = it seems i die more from this and of course bs lag than actual skill in this game.

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    please sort out the ******* lag..... its killing me man....