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So is Lag Comp being addressed or not?

About a week ago Rob posted that lag compensation was being addressed in a future patch:  "Thanks for the "Recoil" reports. We're on it. Several other updates in the works as well: Clan Tags (All), Stats Loss (PS3), Lag Comp (All)."  Now in the past and future updates post there is no mention of a fix for lag compensation, you can instead find it in the under discussion section:  "Further “lag compensation” or “host advantage / disadvantage” updates plus ability for on-going hot fixes based on feedback."  So is it being addressed or not?  I know you'll say the keyword is "further" which would indicate that something is already in the works, but this doesn't change the fact that there is no mention of lag compensation fixes in the past and in development updates.  I'm getting a little tired of going 10-10 in a TDM game then going 40-5 against the same players the next game simply because the host changed.  The more I play the more I feel like lag compensation has more of a part in doing well than anything else does.




Original tweet:  https://twitter.com/#!/fourzerotwo/status/141936303276179457

Past and future updates:  http://community.callofduty.com/message/106065898#106065898

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    In short, no.  They mention trying to fix lag like 6 times.  Clearly its still screwed up.


    Secondly as long as lag compensation is in the game there is a huge problem.  He mentions "discussing" it with the community.


    I dont think he realizes how stupid of an idea it is, and the fact that they have lost me as a customer until I have verified future products do not have it.

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      It can't really be removed entirely or the game would be more unplayable than it is now.  It definitely needs some major tweaking though.

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        CoD 4 - MW2 didn't have it if I recall and those games were just fine.  They weren't unplayable.


        Apparently BO does, but it must be pretty mild because I dont really notice it.  When hosting or a closeby friend is, I can still feel a bit of an advantage.


        MW3 was already designed top to bottom to help out casual/new players.  Now ontop of revenge spawning and close quarter sprayfests, we have internet connection having a larger impact than ever. 


        There are times why I wondered why I was even at the controller (that was until i went back to BO.)

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    It just seems a little fishy to me that they're talking about "further" tweaks of lag compensation when they haven't even released the first attempt at tuning it.  It's like they're already planning for the patch to not work hahaha.. or they don't plan on addressing it at all as it stands.

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      Great post Briq_609.


      First, I should say that I give them kudos for being more forthcoming about what is going behind the scenes. It's certainly a step in the right direction.


      But I agree that the post is rather vague on the details about lag comp fixes. Perhaps, that's intentional.


      I don't believe (just my speculation) they want to balance the game.

      It's all about playing to the masses. "Lag compensation" keeps Johnny Casualgamer, with the average-to-poor connection and average-to-poor skill, coming back. The advantage helps them be somewhat competitive. There's simply far more people out there with junk connections to buy the game.

      Ultimately, it's a money thing (It's ALWAYS a money thing).

      So, if/when a patch comes along don't expect too much from it. Johnny Casualgamer has grown to like his advantage and is easily discouraged.


      However, there are wins here for those of us battling the "lag-monster":

      1. They've admitted there is a such thing as "lag comp". It's no longer the Yeti of the FPS world. The deniers will be forced to concede; the reasonable ones anyway.

      2. Lag comp IS a problem. The operative word, in his original tweet, would be "fix"… You only elude to fixing something that is perceived to be broken.


      Let's keep banging away at 'em and maybe, just maybe they'll level the playing field again.



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        I was hoping there would be some kind of attempt at improved lag comp tuning in the near future after fourzerotwo's tweet last week. The wording in the patch update thread, however, makes me skeptical that they will ever implement any substantial improvements.


        I'm finished buying games that are designed to reward 14 year old acne-faced brats in middle America with 250 pings on their parents wireless networks. I can understand why Activision chooses to whore itself out to the masses in a quest for the almighty dollar but they shouldn't have to bend over their core fan base in the process.  I really hope these kind of moves come back to bite them in the ass eventually.


        Hopefully respawn (or somebody) will create a real game, with a real skill gap, that won't punish core gamers who pay for a decent connection.


        I'm pretty much done with this garbage unless something is changed before the new year.

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          I don't really believe there's any hidden agenda as far as lag compensation goes.  I think it's probably just a really difficult thing to work on and manipulate.  There are young and old, skilled and unskilled players with good connections and bad connections alike.  The only thing I know is that it isn't really working as it's intended to right now and it's the main issue hindering my experience with the game.

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            It's working exactly how it's intended to, and that is what everyone mentioned in this thread.  There was no problem at all with CoD4.  If you had a bad connection to the host, you didn't get compensated for it, your ass had to leave and find another game with a better connection.  That how ALL games should be.  You have people playing on 3g connection for crying out loud.  It's ludicrous.  If they wanna play on 3g connections, then have them lag to hell.


            With each new CoD game that comes out, it makes me miss CoD4 that much more.  AND, and, because there was little to no lag comp in CoD4, the host didn't get pissed off and dashboard all the time like this new game.  I would be in rooms in CoD4 sometimes that would last for HOURS, and it was an pleasure to play.


            Screw this new system.  If, by some miracle, they do actually try to tweak it, the very first time I get lag killed, this game is done for good and Activision will not get another dime from me.  And I don't care if they don't care, at least I'll feel better about it.

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              I pretty much spend about 70% of my time on this game in spec ops, multi player just sucks too much if u have a decent connection. I've actually changed my ISP 3 times in order to get the best possible connection for my location, yet a i get lagged behind 'xxLegitScopezzxx' and his 300ms ping wireless dongle t-mobile connection.

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            Maybe, maybe not. As I said, I'm just speculating. You could be correct, and it's just ineptitude. Not sure which is worse?


            I just find it a bit conspicuous that as the COD consumer base grows the Lag-comp becomes more and more unbalanced. Of course connection speeds run the gamut. But wouldn't you agree that the casual gamer is less likely to have the beefiest connection? It seems to make good business sense... and I'm sure there are some very shrewd businessmen over there at Activision.


            Whatever it is, it's sad. I love the series... I just want to be able to play the MP.



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    Addressed or this gamer. Now happy.

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    played today around 3:30pm and the connection seemed better,will play all night to see if this latest fix has done anything... ? 1 thing i have noticed is when i host the game now stutters a little.. if this is implace of the 1 second lag i was getting in every game i will put up with it.. as at least i can semi play.. BUT seriously the LAG is the biggest dissapointment on this game.. if it can get sorted out it will be great.. hosting was a death sentance so lets see after this latest fix if anything was actually done or was it just words that flow'ed from the stealth clowns mouth again ?

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    There was lag in all of the CoD games. I've learned to get used to it.


    If you don't want lag then play a game that has dedicated servers.

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      Dedicated servers do not fix lag.


      Spawns and lag will never be sorted. When you copy someone elses work it is very hard to change it and know what your doing.

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        Dedicated servers provide a better connection since the hosting is sooo much better. No lag comp would be needed if they ran dedi servers, but no the multi mill company cant spare a few servers. Why? Because their fanbase both old or new will keep buying the **** games.


        Then 3 years later when they start losing money. GUESS WHAT?!? We have dedicated servers! Then all the nerds will come back and play


        BF3 has dedicated servers and its awesome.

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      Lag is different to Lag comp. Same idea, just different.

      Lag meaning your connection is slower than others so you are always behind due to you having a slower connection.

      Lag comp is other connections are slower than yours. So your packets of info get delivered to the host slightly faster than the other person and your packets are delayed before they get counted. They are getting over-delayed causing this crap connection.

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        xbox live was down on my home internet earlier

        so i went on my 3g for about 3 hours


        I went run+gun the whole time

        and went + in every single game


        on my home internet I drop dead the ms  see anyone

        and have to camp hard to even shoot someone in the back

        and alot of the time they just spin around and drop me


        3ms to my first external hop = dead ms i see someone

        200ms to my first external hop = gona shoot you up good


        its a joke really on my 3g i should get no more than 2 or 3 kills a match

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    Once you're okay with the fact that it's a broken game and the only real reason you play it to hang out with friends it becomes bearable.

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    hadn't noticed a huge amount of lag comp when the game launched. JUST LIKE BLACK OPS.


    weeks later after completing campaign and spec ops 100%, i came back to MP and it was virtually unplayable. corner killed, bullets "missing" and last night i even had a guy KNIFE me when I was BEHIND HIM. I've never seen anything like it.


    so I decided to test some of the theories around the web. I fired up a couple of torrents and set uTorrent to a max upload of 400KB/sec.


    Lag comp GONE. I could kill people again. I wasn't dead before enemies appeared on my screen. In short, it felt real again.


    I shouldn't have to do this to get a fair chance at being entertained by this game. It's why I quit black ops and it will probably be why I quit mw3. As some said I know they don't care and I don't care if they care. There are other things to spend time on and I will accept that this used to be fun but was ruined by the mass popularity and greed [yes, not having dedicated servers with 8 million players is GREEDY]


    Not sure why I shelled out for Elite. If they can't sort out the lag comp, I'm going to work on getting a refund for the Elite portion of the game. I won't be around for any DLC so no use in a product that doesn't provide ANYTHING of substance.


    Congrats to those of you with subpar internet connections. I, like most in these threads, paid a premium to upgrade to 50Mbps x 5Mbps hoping to see an improvement in my experience. What a scam. Hey at least the updates download faster

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    People need to understand that the developers haven't and wont' fix the actual Lag Comp or any other facet similar to this.  What they are and will continue to do is try to maximize matchmaking so people are put into groups with similar pings which they hope will give players a better experience.  But as far as tweaking the acutal game?  No, it's not going to happen.


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    Lag Comp at most will be tweaked, maybe... Lag Comp is nothing new to the COD series or even to online gaming. Without lag comp It would be WAY worse then what it is now trust me. With all the variables that we have with online gaming it is kinda crazy that it actually works at all. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't have a better online experience. I want no lag like the next person but i understand how online gaming works. bad lag or lag comp been here way before mw2. This just is the nature of online gaming with these how many people playing at once and different connection qualities and locations. The best thing IW can do is make sure that local search is the first choice and primary logic to connect to other gamers. If i live on the east i don't want to play someone on the other side on the us, HELL I dont want to play someone in the mid either. I want east to east connections. IDC if it takes longer to find a match...

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    if they fixed the game i might buy elite. why buy new content for an unsupported game!

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    I want an actual fix this time and not some minor tweak or placebo.