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PP90M1 Overpowered?

I don't know how, but it suddenly seems like the PP90 has had a damage upgrade.I always seems to drop dead as soon as I get shot,even if I get the first shot.Has anyone else had any sudden problems with this?


Thing makes my MP7 seem like a peashooter because of this.

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    Well it cant be that OP considering I don't even know what it is.

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    Well, even though pretty much any full auto weapon in this game One-shots anything at any distance, the pea shooter kinda does seem a little on the OP side, then again, perhaps that's because it's all I see in the killfeed other than ACR's, UMP's and Type 95's.




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    PP is no way OP, its Magazine size is ****, it's recoil is crap, you put a silencer on this thing you will run out of bullets before you kill someone

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      ^The funniest BS I've heard all day.

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        If you could shoot it acurate while ADS id say it might be a little OP. but with this gun your pretty much limited to close range hipfire. so it has advantages and disadvantages,


        The reason you get killed with it so much is the lag is so bad its damn near impossible to shoot someone while ads. the steady aim knows where they are on the servers and thats what it shoots at. if it wasnt like that i guaranty less people would use it.

        Or less people will use it when this broken game gets a tune up and maybe an allignment.


        Its what i use when im lagging and it works. when im not lagging its the acr.


        Fix the lage before you "fix" the guns. its like tuning your stereo with your speakers plugged in backwards. Or adjusting the color on a black and white tv.

        once you fix it youll have to do it again.

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          Close range hipfire.


          There isn't amap in this game that has an area bigger than needing close range hipfire. Put Steady aim on a PP90, You have something that can and will kill at distances.

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    Fix the 95, fix the FMG9, most players will be happy.


    The rest will complain about this gun....And then another one, and another one. And another one.

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    If it suddenly seems OP then its not really OP, you may just be experiencing some form of lag.


    I used all the SMG's extensively and I think their all pretty good and balanced. With each other that is. I got the MP5, PP90M1, UMP to level 30 on my way to my first and in my first prestige. Right now Im working on the MP7, P90, and PM9.


    I would say in level of one slightly being better than the other for my playstyle it goes:



    That's me personally. It wasn't like that in the begining, I almost got gold on the MP5 but got bored of it. After trying the other SMG's I consider the weakest ones to be the MP5 and MP9. Although the MP9 is a hipfire machine. It has the highest RoF than any gun in the game and its even more insane with rapid fire.


    Ill **** any Akimbo FMG's with my rapid fire MP9.

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    feck right off with this. guns are already beeing nerfed. leave them alone. heres a tip if it kills you then its o.p . seriously what is it with people on here? get a grip folks. i find it to be a beast of a gun but so is the mp7 and the p90 and thats just the smgs.

      if your good with your gun skills most of these weapons will seem beastly to whoever you kill. you wanna know whats overpowered?




      the akimbos needed a nerf but the other 2 were fine i.m.o and i have 2500 t95 kills. do i use it still? no. does it bother me when i die from it ? no.  does it bother me when i die? hell yes. my point is that if your having a bad night of it the 1st thing people do is come on here and complain about something being o.p

      assasin, pp90m1, acr, fmg9, t95, support streaks, blind eye, kick are just some that spring to mind from the rants ive read. ive played every cod since 1. every multiplayer since cod4 and in that time only the akimbo models, akimbo fmg9, oma and maybe the mp40 were truly overpowered.  QUIT BITC**NG

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    i want to make a list my turn




    but i dont think it needs a nerf its a good gun but its not the be all end all its biggest weakness when i use/used(from past experiences) is its kinda hard to kill people from far if there moving you got to pump like 5-6 bullets into them something like that (correct me if im wrong) but up close it is a monster and its suppose to be it suits its role very well...


    and people wont stop ******** look at any forum its the thing to do...

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    I think the PP90M1 is just fine the way it is.


    All Submachine guns with rapid fire on them are pre-built to kill in miliseconds.. you are in their turf.


    I have to argue against their recoil... even with range and rapid fire on, I could get a kill from a pretty far distance.


    Not AR distance, but still a good 20M.

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    The gun shoots horribly down the sights but slap steady aim on and your invincible and no it is not even close to being overpowered.

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    The pp90 isn't OP if ur gonna say this because you got killed by it then ur pretty much saying all SMG,s are OP the pp90 has better stats than the mp7 minus attachments and proficiencys. So that's most likely why you got killed in the first place

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    Its powerful to be sure, but not as bad as it was when the game first came out and everyone and their grandmother was using it. Its a good weapon that spits out bullets like crazy. I hadn't really used it all that much in Hardcore modes, but started enjoying it again on FaceOff. I love to put a silencer and range on it, thats my preferred setup. Gives me the close quarters advantage, but still allows me to compete in long range engagements. I've both won and lost several gun on gun engagements with this weapon, so I don't think its OP. I have been messing about with the UMP 45 lately, and that weapon seems even more accurate than the PP. We all know the MP7 is effective, the P90's clip is massive and hard to beat. I don't use the PM-9 much, it was a weapon of choice for me in earlier prestiges in CQB on Hardcore modes and it has a scary fast fire rate, but not sure how damaging it is. MP5 is ok, but I was spoiled on that gun in CoD4, which is still my favorite iteration of it to date.


    I don't really feel like the PP90 is overpowered. In the right hands, its brutal, but I feel like it can be countered by other weapons as well.

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    I've been experiencing that too, OP. Even if I shoot them first, they will usually still kill me in under one second or less. It didn't use to be that way.

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    The gun is not OP, have you seen the 2 bullet MK?


    Why is this an excuse for everyone? Get some skill and you will see no gun anyone uses is OP. The UMP, MP7, Type 95, ACR, AK, MK, Striker, etc...They are all equal, so with them equal how is this OP? You could literally use almost any gun with the right perks, attachments, proficiencies and get kills. Don't get mad cause you are rocking thermal on your UMP and get dropped in close combat or you are in close combat range for the PP90 getting dropped holding a sniper rifle.


    Figure out that almost every gun in this game is equal, just because you die from it doesn't mean its OP. OMG they have about 3 guns in each gun category that are equal, learn how to use them.


    This is like getting mad because you are playing Madden and someone picked (let's say Giants cause they won Superbowl) and you picked the Dolphins. You lose and start complaining that the team was too OP. Well there are other teams that are close lvl to that team and if you had skill you could beat that team with any team in the game. Just accept that you suck at it.

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    Not OP i just really gave it  a go through out my 16th prestige and with Focus and Extended Mags that fire rate makes it a beast

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    my fav gun been using it from the beginning

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    Its not OP, its got recoil. Now the MP7 on the other hand......

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    If any gun is OP, I'd like to argue that its the MP9 Machine pistol. Nothing more annoying than losing gun on gun to this weapon with an assault rifle, or geting picked off at ridiculous range. Seems a lot of people are using it as well now, and its even worse in Hardcore.

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    It is because recently a lot more people are realising the PP90M1 has very low recoil and is easy to shoot with the Stalker perk so you don't really need the Kick proficiency. So I use a silencer and rapid fire attachments. Rapid fire is why you die so quickly.


    Here is my setup.


    Primary Weapon - PP90M1

    Proficiency - 2x Attachments (Silencer and Rapid Fire)


    Secondary Weapon - MP9 - Silenced


    Frag and Concussion Grenades


    Slight of Hand Pro

    Assassin Pro

    Stalker Pro


    And Depending on how I want to play I'll either go with


    Specialist Package


    Scavanger Pro

    Dead Silence Pro

    Blind Eye Pro




    Assault Package


    Care Package

    Predator Missle

    AH-6 Overwatch

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    i used to hate this gun with a passion. but someone else posted the silencer+rapid fire and i have to say the gun is damn good. i dont use it as a main weapon or class. but when i get tired of being QSed i turn to this gun and works wonders. i hope they dont nerf it like type95 because people who dont QS for one reason or another need something to fight back, and to me this is the tool.

    Still i dont know why people keep trying to get guns nerfed, people will always find something or some combo to put down QScopers fast, there are Shotguns and automatics with rapid fire not only this one.

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    So, you're complaining about a OP weapon, when you're using the MP7. Hope you realize what a retard you are.

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      Really need to use the anonymity of the internet to bully someone by calling them names? You could just make a counter argument, but instead you choose to insult the OP when he was asking a simple question for discussion?

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        NO, he's absolutely RIGHT and fully agree...everytime one plays and get killed, weapons are overpowered, perks are overpowered and so on...to me, CAN'T HEAR IT ANYMORE !!!


        also have to say, that i got tired from experiancing the tons of changes that be made...every time i get into this game, i find new weapon changes and i got sick of it...i play with g36c and never had a problem with other weapons, because i CHOSE it so...every weapons has his goods and bads, but some would prefer to have a good gun and see everyone run around with  s****y weapons to feel better and that CAN'T BE !!!!


        chose a weapon, compete and please stop this whiny crappy discussions over and over again...one comes out with a thread like that, and humans (as it's in their nature) runs behind it like lemmings (mostly the ones who frustrated by being noobs) !! sorry, but imo, come with everything you want and i fight you with what i have !!! WITHOUT CRYING !!!


        pp90 superb on near distance, on 1 on 1's, but terrible damage by higher distance, as g36c f.e. is the opposite...


        this game has things for everyone...you run&gun? take machin-pistols  and NO SENSE wich one, as EVERYONE is quite equal...you kill from distances, on spot, take assault rifle !!! one beats the other, depending on situation, so PLEASE, AGAIN, STOP CRYING !!!


        if you want to fight something, fight the LAG (as one above said before), as this is the biggest failure ever in this game !!!


        thank you and welcome back to Call of stupiDity

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    YES THAT GUN IS OVERPOWERED!  is taking over MP!!