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CoD Elite thinks I have never played a game.

Hi, ive been trying to register for the free CoD elite to see if it will work, though i have only got black ops atm, getting MW3 for christmas. Anyway ive created an account and ive linked it to my Xbox account, but when i try to click on "My account" or go through "profile" to "manage account" it says i have to play atleast one game of black ops or MW3 on the same gamertag and console i registered on before it can show me anything.


Basically im guessing the part thats gone wrong is the wrong console is getting linked, because i know the account cant be wrong as noone else has my email and password (obviously). I would just like to know if anyone else has had this problem, and knows a fix. I would really appreciate any help.


Its also probably worth noting that i havent linked my facebook account and i once used the account im trying to link on a friends console using my hard drive.


PS. If someone could link me a cod elite support forum i would delete this and move it there its just i couldnt find the forum sorry.