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  • 340. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Notes

    got on played a few games after this patch. when i was host i was actually getting kills.

    but other then that forgetaboutit. thanks for nothing doushebags

  • 341. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Notes

    RageWizard wrote:




    We have a Limited User Agreement. (You agreed to the LUA/ELUA once you popped that disc into your console/pc, whatever.) What does this mean? We only have the right to play their game (we don't own it), and they can modify it, at any time, in any manner to THEIR liking. Whether we like the changes or not. Don't like the game? It's as simple as finding the receipt/return slip, and take it back to the retailer you bought it from. Whats that? Your return window ran out. Well, too f***ing bad, live with it.



    It's good to see them working on the few things.. that direly need to be fixed. I just hope they can resolve the Lag Compensation issues.


    Just because you FORCE an agreement on someone, AFTER they buy a product, that doesn't make it LEGAL.


    This has been proven time and time again in court.


    It would be like me, making you sign an agreement, giving me permission to physically harm you. It would STILL be illegal. The law is the law.

  • 342. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Notes

    kryonix_xiii wrote:


    The only way to truly fix the lag is to give us dedicated servers. But until then the lag comp needs to just be removed, those of us with decent conections should not be hindered because the majority of whiners out there have walmart connections. I have awesome internet that I pay for thus I should be able to use said awesome intrawebz to wreak people online!

    so what you are saying is that because you have a good connection you should be rewarded in the game? getting kills because of a good connection does not make you a good player!

    no one should be rewarded on the basis of there connection, good or bad! a balance needs to be found and finding it will take trial and error, and you're right the majority of players have a average connection, MW3 was not taylor made for you. it was made for the majority

    so the way the game runs reflexs this.

  • 343. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Notes

    Not sure if "update" last night was from Microsoft OR Activision BUT if it was from Activision and for MW3 then you completely ruined our 4 year clan night festivities that were planned!!!!!!!!! We had organzied a mega multi-mixer with 5 other adult clans to celebreate our anniversary and to our surpirse we could only have 9+host in a private lobby???? WTF????? 


    Please fix private lobbies back to 18 as soon as you can, thank you.


    Went back to Black Ops so at least our own clan could have fun BUT the 5+ other clans couldn't celebrate with us due to the "update" and communication/organzation of so many people.

  • 344. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Notes



    No... Not really. They didn't hold a gun to your head and "force you" into the contract. They didn't say they'd kill your family if you didn't accept. All they did was say "If you want to use our stuff, then you've gotta play by our rules." You didn't have to accept this agreement, and could have walked away from it, but instead, you agreed. So stop complaining that people have made a service available to you.


    A more accurate anology, rather than your proposition to physically harm you would be this:


    A man own a skydiving company. He offers you the chance to skydive, for a fee. You agree to pay the fee, and the man tells you that you must also sign a waiver, in which you agree that you won't do certain things, like sue him if you get hurt.


    Now, the man isn't forcing you to sign the waiver/agreement, but he also holds the rights to bar you from his services if you do not comply with his terms. There isn't anything illegal about this, it's merely a safeguard for the proprieter to be able to moderate how his business is effected by people who would undermine his efforts.


    So please, apply the Craig Ferguson approach. Think before you type. Then, think some more.

  • 345. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Notes

    No, having an amazing connection should not be the basis as to how many kills you get/etc.. skill should. HOWEVER, those with good connections are naturally going to have an advantage over those with bad and that's how it should be. IW should not step in and say "well it's not fair" because at the end of the day, it's not cheating it's merely paying for an advantage.


    Did IW ban headsets? Advantage, in which you pay for.


    The way I look at it, IW is kept the whole lag compensation idea simply to have more customers. Without it, the people with bad connections couldn't play... so make it so they CAN play and you got yourself more money. Smart? Yes. Fair? No, because it's effecting other players who have done nothing wrong but invested in a better isp and/or package.

  • 346. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Notes

    Please add a Hardcore version of CTF in the next update.

  • 347. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Notes

    nice to see the voip is still crap(!)

  • 348. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Notes

    Models should atleast get a akimbo proficiency. Oh btw Shotguns irl have a 60-120ft range.

  • 349. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Notes

    They basically banned headsets by taking footsteps out and making them into a perk.


    And don't say, well you can get sit rep blah blah. . .  it's footsteps. . . everyone has feet. I paid 120 bucks for a set of trittons so I could hear footsteps more clearly and IW takes it out.


    Dead Silence is a useless perk because you can't hear crap and it's not like 97% of CoD players are smart enough to listen for them anyway.


    So yes they did ban headsets for the most part so they might as well stop good internet connections too.

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