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Nobody will ever be satisfied with Assassin/perks that keep you off the radar

As far as I can tell, Assassin/Ghost will always piss someone off. Why? Because they keep you off the radar. It's that simple. I don't see why people still cry about it in MW3. Assassin is much nerfed from Ghost Pro in Black Ops and Cold Blooded Pro in MW2. Both perks were essentially Blind Eye and Assassin combined. People b*tched incessantly about Ghost Pro in Black Ops, however not so much in MW2 because Stopping Power was a much more prominently used perk from the same tier.


This game is a system of checks and balances. There is (supposed to be) a counter for mostly everything. Sitrep is designed to counter Dead Silence and enemy equipment, anti-air weapons are designed to counter most air support pointstreaks, and Blast Shield is designed to counter stupid sh*t like tubes and other explosives. Those are just a few examples I can think of off the top of my head. My point here is this: Assassin is designed to counter the prolific use of UAVs. I don't know how people think this perk is imbalanced. Does everybody feel they should be entitled to see everybody on the radar from a 3 pointstreak? A 4 pointstreak, particularly in MW3, is not tough to acquire by any means. In CoDs of past, you had to get kills to get your UAV. Now you have more options to get your killstreaks i.e.  kill, take  objectives, destroy enemy SAM turrets and/or IMS devices, shoot down enemy air support, etc. Not only that, but the support class allows you to maintain your pointstreak if you die, which is ironic because then it's not really a streak, but I digress. Because there are more ways to get points for your pointstreak and your killstreak doesn't really go away with the support class, getting a UAV is easier than ever. If it's easy as hell to get a UAV, then there's no doubt that UAVs will be used quite prolifically in the game. Therefore, such a powerful and easy to acquire asset deserves to have a counter.


Lots of people hated the Ghost perk in Black Ops with a passion. I always thought it was because Ghost Pro was quite the package: you could stay off the radar, have no red name or crosshair, be invisible to many killstreaks, and some other things that I don't quite remember. However, since everybody is still crying about Assassin in this game, which I see as a much watered down version of Ghost Pro from Black Ops because it was essentially split into 2 different perks in MW3, I'm assuming that as long as some people will be invisible to UAVs, there will invariably be a large amount of people that will cry about the perk that allows people to do so.


Some possible solutions? Many people suggest stupid things like Assassin should only make you invisible to UAVs for X amount of time. That's as stupid as saying Blast Shield should make you resistant to explosive damage for X amount of time after every spawn. My solution to this whole argument, though this would only apply to future CoD titles and, unfortunately never happen, would be to get rid of the damned radar entirely. Then there would be no need to use Assassin and there would be no radar for people to b*tch over because they can't see their targets on the radar. It's a win-win, in my opinion. This game would be so much better if there was no radar. I would just play hardcore all the time, but that sh*t's too damn slow for me to play on a regular basis. Oh how wonderful would be the CoD title that doesn't have a radar in core gamemodes.


Ghost Pro from Black Ops, though people still cried about it constantly, did have a counter: the SR 71 Blackbird. This, to those of you who don't remember much about Black Ops or have not played it, was basically a UAV on steroids. It lasted for 40 seconds, couldn't be shot down, showed you and your teammates the enemies' location and direction in real time, and Ghost/Ghost Pro was not immune to it. The Blackbird, however, was a bit of a difficult killstreak to acquire since it was an 8 killstreak (7 with Hardline). And this was back when there were no killstreaks that carried over through death, mind you. I think that an 8 killstreak was adequate for the Blackbird, since it was arguably the most effective killstreak in the game.


Infinity Ward really watered down that killstreak in this game. It shows the enemies' direction but doesn't show it in real time. It also can be easily shot down, does not show Assassin users on the radar, and, though it is a support pointstreak, is still quite a high pointstreak to acquire--12 pointstreak. The AUAV is nowhere near as effective as the Blackbird, which is a shame.


However, if you want an entirely failsafe way to solve the Assassin/any overpowered perks issued, then just get rid of perks entirely. Put every player on a relatively equal footing. The way I see it, perks are just an invitation to game breaking features and imbalance. So why should we keep them around?

I understand that much of CoD's success can be attributed to the perks system, but is it really making the game more fun?


I consider myself impartial in the whole argument over Assassin, but I will say that so long as there are UAVs, there should be a perk that allows you to remain hidden from them. However, there should also be things that can override perks that allow you to remain hidden from UAVs. This, however, is a setup for failure, since, for some reason, players feel they are entitled to knowing the location of every enemy for a mere 4 pointstreak. Therefore, if there is a UAV counter, there will be people b*tching about it. End of story.


P.S. To the people who say that it is blatantly obvious that most MW3 players use Assassin, quit pulling facts out of your a_ss. I'll stick with my Quickdraw, motherf*ckers.

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    Well, I do agree with a lot of what you have written, but people are not happy with Assassin Pro, because it hides them from many different things. You're undetected by UAV, CUAV, Thermal, HBS, Portable Radars, EMP and your name won't appear above your head.


    I understand that their are counters, but I don't think they are that great. The Recon Drone takes you out of the action and the Recon perk isn't all that great, in my opinion.


    Ghost Pro was also bad in Black Ops, but it had a really good counter to it. I do think the SR71 was a bit too good, though, because it was in real time and couldn't be shot down. The AUAV in Black Ops would have been fairer. If the AUAV showed Assassin Pro players, I don't think there would be as many complaints.


    I just feel like there is very little reason not to use Assassin Pro. Even though I think Ghost was really annoying in Black Ops, it did have a competition in Flak Jacket. That was a really good perk and it worked really well. Black Shield just isn't in the same league as Flak Jacket. You can use Quick Draw, but you can easily play without that.


    In terms of having no radar, I think it would slow the game down. People are far more likely to move if they know where the enemy is. If anyone says they aren't, they are lying.


    I feel like the older games had it right, because if you wanted to go stealth, you had to give up Stopping Power and a lot of players weren't willing to do that. By having the dots on the map, more people are likely to move around.

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    I would be fine with the Advanced UAV showing up in real time AND if it wasn't able to get shot down if it was in the assault package instead of support. But the fact that you can get UAVs, Counter UAVs, Advanced UAVs, and EMPs even if you die... I'm happy Assassin counters them.

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    Wow, who would have thought that a rationally compelling post would ever appear on this forum? Nice work.


    I definitely agree with your argument that assassin is satisfactory in its current form and not at all over-powered in this game (particularly in relation to the good old Ghost Pro of Black Ops). I play FFA and don't even have a class with assassin, as if UAVs do start to **** me, I will just pull out a launcher and shoot them down - adding to my poinstreak on the way. These complaints about the perk are nothing but demands that the game adjust to suit the style of one particular individual - and should be ignored along with the petitions to make camping harder and all the other retarded ideas that people produce on these pages.


    I wouldn't mind the mini-map disappearing from the game, but then again I probably profit from those who use it too much. I find that unless the data it presents me is real-time (eg. SR-71), it distracts me from the business of dropping ******* with my AR. Hence, I don't use any UAVs, AUAVs, HB sensors or any of that other stuff. Good on you if you do, but whilst you glace up at that mini-map, I'll be rolling around the corner with quickdraw and a can of whoop arse.


    I do find pointstreaks in this game a bit frustrating at times, I have to say. The high end ones in Black Ops were awesome and challenging to acquire. I used to go SR-71, chopper gunner and dogs, and when you got them all you got rewarded. In MW3, because there is such a focus on air support, most of my killstreaks don't last their duration in the air...it's not so bad that I've changed my killstreak setup yet, but it's a whinge all the same.

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    Completely agree. The complaints are simply from folks who would like to create excuses for their getting killed. These people have such large egos that an excuse is neccessary for even the tiniest failure. They may indeed even be really good at the game, but they have no tolerance for mistakes. Its just sad.

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    I don't understand why people constantly complain about assassin countering stuff, there ARE counters to assassin also ie Recon and Recon Drone, i'm sorry but are people too stupid to realise these are in the game and you can use them to get rid of that "Assassin noob"... If anything Cold Blooded in mw2 was worse, as it counter all air support right away, and don't say "oh Stopping Power was the counter", no it wasn't.

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    I agree totally, TBH I really couldnt give a crap who uses assasin ... Why BECAUSE im not GLUED to the radar, i dont NEED something to tell me where EVERYONE is, the UAV is way more annoying imo than assassin, it is the most overused, kill streak heavy item in the game, unconstructively.... the reason people complain about assassin is because they are either no good 1 on 1 or they pay too much attention to radar.... Use sound, and reaction to aid you..


    2.Everything has a counter as you said, but I agree the developers could add another good ability to increase the variation of game play, ie stopping power.

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    you agree yet are saying you dont care who uses it when you yourself made a thread about all that you think is broken and assassin was one of them and suggested a fix?

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    lol you read my post wrong mate, i never said it was broken, I use it, i sugguested improvements on it, mostly for anti-camping

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    Amen to that...It is there for a reason and you dont see people getting all pissy about the other things that are needing actually fixed in this game such as knife/shield lunges and when you bang some kid in the face with a shooty and they still survive on hardcore??? lol now thats a wtf moment. Well said OP (Y)

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