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Is the Striker really OP?

tl;dr at the bottom if you don't want to read me bi*ching and complaining.


Why have I been seeing this everywhere? I'm not saying it is, and I'm not saying it isn't. Not too long ago, all of the shotguns were considered underpowered. The last week or two, I've seen about a dozen people asking to nerf the Striker so I guess something's surfaced.


My experience:
Got it golden last prestige and with Damage, Extended Mags (which is getting fixed) and Steady Aim Pro, I'm lucky to kill someone in the same room as me. I have to spray the Striker (which has a very low fire rate cap) to kill someone with an AR. Their gun takes about 2-4 bullets to kill up-close and it's fully automatic. The only way to do better than that is if the Striker 1-hit or at least consistently 2-hit at close range. I've got a 1.83 K/D with it but that's being tactical, sticking to close quarters and using C4 when necessary.


Now they're fixing the Extended Mags glitch, making all shotguns weaker with it (granted, that's what their power should have been). IMO, that glitch was the only thing making shotguns useful.


I even googled "Are shotguns overpowered in MW3". All 3 main video results were Youtube videos by the names of
"Shotguns are overpowered !"
"The shotguns in MW3 are overpowered! PROOF!"
and "Shotguns are seriously overpowered!".


I thought I must be missing something. Then I watched all 3 and realised it was all sarcasm and was footage of ridiculous shotgun weaknesses, such as the Spas-12 taking 3 hits to the head to kill within 5 feet.


Perhaps the Striker is OP compared to the other weak shotguns, because you can keep firing if it doesn't kill them at close range with 2-3 shots.
If you don't 1-hit with the Spas or Model, you're going to have to run or pray that the enemy did. If not, they'll kill you before you can fire another shot. If anything, the other shotguns need a buff. There needs to be something to make up for the fact that they're pump (lever) actions. Striker is semi-automatic and pretty much has the same range/power. So can someone tell me the point in using anything else? Perhaps that's why it's considered OP. But I digress.




The Striker is the only viable shotgun. Without the Ext. Mags glitch, you're firing 8 pellets at close range and it sometimes takes 2 shots. So firing 16 pellets and it will still occasionally not kill them. They can kill you with about 3-4 bullets of a machine pistol. I don't believe it's OP at all. Perhaps useful at best, though I'm open to discussion on why it is or isn't OP, so long as it remains civil.


Again, sorry for my bi*ching, but with the Ext. Mags glitch being taken out, people are still calling for a nerf. IMO both will render shotguns very useless and I'll understand why people use Snipers at close range now.

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    They're taking out extended mags?


    Anywho, it will be balanced once lag gets fixed, overpowered, no.

    Many will think it's overpowered because it's better than the other shotguns.

    All shotguns are underpowered; IW made assault rifles 2 shot kills (What are we playing, real life?) yet shotguns are for some reason ~3 shot kills. (At least for me, I always get 1 shot killed by shotguns.)

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    No shotgun is OP. In fact, the Striker is the only shotgun that has a easier learning curve than the other Shotties since it has a decent range and it is semi-auto, which makes people cry out OP. Everything else either is pump/lever-action and has range or full-auto and has shorter range.


    It is considered OP because people think shotguns should be on the same playing field as SMGs and ARs in CQB which is not the case.


    SMGs and ARs have no specific niche like sniper rifles and shotguns. Shotguns should be ruling CQB since they are no good after 15-20m while everything else can kill after that distance.


    If it was up to me, I would buff every shotgun with an added 1-3 pellets since the E-Mags bug will be fixed, but knowing these devs, they never think about their decisions when tweaking weapons.

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    i think they are weak compared to all the other weapons in the game

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    The Striker isn't really that powerful unless you add damage.  It's just that lesser skilled people need a Shotgun that can spray n pray, so they'll often resort to mashing that trigger out complete stress and panic.


    I'll use the Striker too, but I don't spray it all over like others do.  And I like Pump Actions better anyway.






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    Ive said this sinse the original MW and people  never listen but every gun class in every CoD has an OP'ed weapon in it. Not neccessarily that the weapon is legitimately OP'ed but that it is noticably easier to use than other weapons.


    For MW3 the  easiest AR to use is probably the ACR. Does that make it OP'ed? Not really..just user friendly. The easiest SMG is probably the MP7, again not OP'ed just user friendly. For Snipers its the L118A and for shotties its the Striker. Guns that are a tad easier to use because they either have slightly better range or less recoil than other weapons in their respective classes. CoD has been like this at least sinse CoD4.

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    You got it a bit wrong. Extended Mags gives you a 50% bonus.


    The Striker originally fires six, but with Extended Mags it fires nine.


    Other shotguns (SPAS, AA12, others) fire eight, and twelve with Extended Mags.


    However, none are OP. They all need the extended mags power from the start. Maybe give the Striker eight pellets instead of nine, but seriously, don't make them even worse.