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Akimbo FMG... so unbalanced


The akimbo FMG is just ridiculous... wayyyy to strong!!

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    Agreed .

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    does anyone know what the FMG9 is in reality. im sure you do but for people who dont it is a folding machine gun. honestly, its a glock 18 in a plastic case. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pY2EqFzPzn8 yes it is unbalanced and overpowered in the game. i agree with that, but typically its like running with akimbo g18s from mw2 which was annoying already.


    now the fmg9 by itself should have the same exact stats as the g18 but with more accuracy bucause it takes a g18 and gives it a butstock so you can control it better. other than that it should be exactly the same. well, in reality that is. lol

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    Wow really?   This here should show Infinity ward and the others what this babble bulls*** is really all about!

    I mean come on a secondary now?

    I have used them and the only thing they are good for is up close and personal, and what do you expect you are now being shot by 2 guns instead of one!

    You people make yourselves sound so rediculous, I mean come on everyday it's something new and all it is, is that you got wrecked by someone using it..

    Face it that's all it is!

    I don't think infinity ward will be nerfing weapons like treyarch did they are actuall amazing developers who are smart and not stupid!

    If they were to go and bow down and kiss every crybabies behind they would be then considered pushovers!

    Get a life and maybe some skill and yes I said it some skill..


    Remind you secondaries you are whining about now how pathetic is that!!!!

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      You're wrong.


      This akimbo setup as a secondary is BETTER than any primary shotgun class. It also has a longer range. They need to lower the range or drop the fire rate on these machine pistols.


      I'm just mad they dumped my Raffica.

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      it really is that simple. Wah he just raped me with that weapon wah!! Its OP wah!! Im too good to get owned by non OP guns wah! No ur not. Peace.

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      so if IW are so good why is there so many problems ??? to me it sounds like your just kissing there arss, It get on my nervs when people are sayin that there is notthin wrong with this game when there clearly is. I play the game yeh but still i think it was a waste of money

      1. spawnin

      2 its like playing hardcore all the time

      3 maps are just horrible

      4 LAG and its not my internet i have always got 4 bars but still i lag or cant find a game :/

      5 killstreaks easily taking down or destroyed and support HA! what is that? A load of s**t

      Do i need to go on and list the things wrong with the game ???

      face it the game was a massive let down. And at least Treyarch tried to fix BO but waht are IW doing ?? making it even worse

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    Watch the video again lol it's your stating it's range is absurd and it shouldn't be that accurate

    when in this video it says that the real one is, you are such a loser yo  I wish that gun was as good as the real one sh*t!!!!

    hahahahahahahahaha whiney little 12yr trollers!!!!!!

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      Haha my skill is fine, I just think the akimbo FMGs are just a little absurd. I know I could smack you all day with my model, so lets not get too full of ourselves buddy

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        LMAOOO ok"Buddy"  I'm sure you would......

        Bunch of crybabies boohoo someone got wrecked again story of our lives, come to the forums cry some more ruin more cod games because I'm a little brat!!

        And to speak of your model's I heard that gun is also overpowered I've seen threads about it maybe that will be the new excuse for blowing at the game? Yea I think so!  BUDDY!!!!!!

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      I never complain about overpowered guns or killstreaks. But these akimbo guns have long range. I've seen them in action. It's actually easier to aim with akimbo than to use one.


      I've also used them and have hit people easily from pretty long range... much longer range than with any shotgun. But the shotguns do hardly any damage and are glitchy.

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    There are many reasons I use them:

    1. I was tired of being killed by them(if you can't beat em)

    2. They are fun as hell

    3. Lag compensation

    4. It pisses everyone off


    Just remember that this is war I will do anything but cheat to win. If its in the game and I have success with it I will use it.

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    You should try using the Scorpion in Akimbo.


    #1 better accuracy

    #2 more damage


    The damage itself out weighs the Fire Rate of the FMG. I have come across many akimbo FMG guys that dont stand a chance against the Scorpion bullet for bullet. You can be hitting them long before they get in range with their FMG, and by this time the damage of the Scorpion has put and end to their lame ass FMG.

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    I have to admit that dual FMG's are very strong up close but they do take for ever to pull out with the little flip animation. That being said I do enjoy raping people with akimbo FMG's when I'm sniping and they think they're going to bust around a corner and get the jump on me.

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    They beat everything else.

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    Please shut up everyone.  You know why there aren't unbalanced?  Because every single of the machine guns akimbo'd ***** face.


    The FMG-9

    The G18




    All of them are amazing when they are akimbo'd.  In order for them to be unbalanced and OP there would have to be nothing comparable.  Stop ********.

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    I just played against a guy with a riot shield and akimbo and sleight of hand and he's almost invincible because the tight maps mean you always run into him around a corner, and he can change and shoot and kill before my m4 takes away half his health. The guy who said its like playing hardcore...thats kinda a good thing not a bad thing.

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    i tried to tell everyone that the fmg9 is literally a g18 in a plastic case. i think it is a great weapon, i perfer the silencer, and when you have slight of hand pro the flip animation is almost nonexistient. lol i have it on 4 of my 5 classes, the other one is a stinger for killstreak takedowns.

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    Stand farther away?

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    Oh dear you have just proven people will complain about anything, seriously get some skill as I pown these FMG users with my striker and MP9. "U MAD?"

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    Unbalanced or not, I checked my games and this weekend I wasn't killed once by akimbo FMG.


    Also I was only killed twice by the Type95.


    I say keep the akimbos and T95, fix the lag.  I shot a guy 5 time with my MK and he just ran up and knifed me.  The kill cam showed me just sitting there, two other in the lobby saw me shooting. 


    The Lag is overpowered, not the the guns.

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    It's in line to fixed according to bolwing's patching updates.


    But I mean single Fmg is a machine up close. but requires more finese in medium range, long range just take cover lol.

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    LOL.. the FAD is better then fmg... the fmg is only good for short and close range battles.. Just stop getting close to your enemies, stay away and problem solved.