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    MW2 was officially the last CoD. It has now been two fails at trying to bring something new to the franchise. Elite had a Beta, Theater had a Beta... FAIL. Scrap them and focus on gameplay.  Split Screening  adds FAIL to the equation for people who playing the competitive aspect of the game.

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    Esmorgue everything I've ever seen you post on this forum has been spot on, and this one I couldn't agree with you more, split screeners are ruining the game. not the idea of split screening, because when I go over my cousins and we play, its fine because he has a direct ethernet connection, we're both good at the game etc. but the people who typically split screen are usually 8 year olds having slumber parties waking up in the morning to their parents making waffles.. (I've actually heard that over the mic before..)

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    I see where you are coming from but I dont think split screening is why the game behaves the way it does. Im also pretty sure its not because we dont have dedicated servers, it all depends on the games coding. But the way I look at split screeners is easy kills.

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    If anyone hasn't brought up another good point, split screen players also have two veiws of where enemies are. Basically like having an unfair 'rear view mirror'.

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    I am not saying that it solely behaves the way it does based off of this option by any means. It is more of a view from playing all the way through Black Ops and dealing with it, then before this game came out knowing what would happen. Starting a thread/petition of sorts to get Split Screening in its own playlist kindof how they did express on Black Ops. I started it on both Xbox and PS3 side to get a view of how alot of us felt and it gather some agreements.


    They can ruin a TDM, SnD, HC, Dom, for those that are honestly trying to win. They are most likely casual players who could care less about how they do. Yet it affects the people who do care, that want to win, need not suffer for someone elses shenanigans.


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    Agree Split Screening is one of the things helping to screw up COD - Basically COD ported the way it is, is taxing the PS3 to the max - now your asking it to run two copies of the game and then somebody thought it'd be ok to ask the PS3 to host as well.


    Splitscreeners should NEVER be host - that should be coded into the game.

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    Nice to know Ramboners using the tax payers money to it's fullest, rather than checking the equipment or the engine he plays MW3 split screen with his partner at the fire station.


    Nice life eh....

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    i 100% agree and i also for some reason think that split screeners take longer to drop.weird but just an observation

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    Catch where he said he's 5th Prestige already - not alot of work getting done around there for sure. 

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    ragemode_E wrote:


    Another major problem that should definitely not be allowed is splitscreen in search and destroy.


    Wait, they actually allow split screeners in SnD? Good god Infinity Ward has gone full retard.

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