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Elite Clan Operations- We request an update!

I am a registered subscriber to Elite Service.

I have started a clan when Elite Clans went live. My clan The Syndicate is now level 18 with 49 members.

The only way we Elite Clan members to rank up the clan they are in is by recruiting and enlisting in Clan Operations.


When will the Clan Operations go live?!?!

I have been keeping track of the Elite progress watching tweets where your posting about and I quote

"Last week’s Friday Night Fights winner, basketball star Dwight Howard, proved his #MW3 skills & held the #FNF belt high"


I paid for a service that isnt fully operational, I dont need info on Dwight Howard!


There are many of us who have created Clans, or are members in Clans, and who are paid subscribers. We are all anxiously awaiting

Clan Operations!!!! But yet there is no update or talk of Clan Operations, all we have is the elite website telling us: Clan Operations- Coming Soon


As a Clan leader, I am trying to keep my clan updated with the progress, but there isnt any!


I'm not here to demand anything or create a hate thread, but I understand that this is a time consuming project with other priorities for the Elite Service

but I also feel we do deserve as consumers to request and recieve an update.


Thank you!

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