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    Haha, imagine if a shout came in and they're halfway through a good game, " give us five minutes "

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    I've seen 7 v 5 games since COD4, nothing new.


    That being said, 99% of the time the split screen people are the absolute worst players in the lobby. Seen a kid go 0-50 between two games.

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    itasnt infinity ward it was sledge hammers fault

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    You guys are ******* pathetic ya know it.....for one you cry about this game like its a huge part of your life....second you attack me without having a clue who I am or what I do...for one thing we pay station dues each month for our Tv, internet, etc...so yaa us guys pay for that or we wouldnt get it.....not the tax dollars that your parents pay while you live in the basement crying about a game.....the fire dept pays 0 dollars a month toward any of that......second unless you are a full time fireman you dont have a clue.... we work from 7am to 7am....after 5pm we can watch tv or whatever we want which is the same at any fire dept......when the tones drop the game goes off and thats none of your business...its probably why I dont cry like a baby about a video game....its a game and nothing more....it doesnt make me a better dad, paramedic, fireman, husband and doesnt help me get laid....getta life and quit crying about ohhh the lag...oooohh the split screeners,...ohhhhh the guns are OP................I had a 3 year old I tried to save last week from a fall down the stairs and the little fella didnt make it.......had a young grandma get ran over by a car in her driveway that also didnt make it 4 days ago......great christmas for those families eh........bet complaining about a game would be high priority for them....n until you walk in my shoes dont judge me......when I get back from one of those calls my gut and heart wrenches and you cant even imagine trying to sleep at night with the vision of a lifeless 3 year old in your arms knowing you cant save him and did all you can do.........you think my jobs so great and so easy then go try it then come back and hammer me because on my own time  I get to play my game at work........after work hours between calls.......You guys are pathetic and have no clue.....Keep complaining about your game that is the most important thing in your lives while the rest of us just enjoy it for what it is....A ******* GAME...........

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    My partner says my playing makes me a little aggressive, by the sounds of things you really don't want to play so much, you'll be on valium by the time you're 40.


    Everyones chilled here just poking a little fun, we're not whiney kids either and I do respect your job but quite a lot of us have had to deal with bereavment so you really shouldn't shout about it here, be a little more proffesional eh.


    BTW this is the place to complain, the devs use it so they can keep tabs on the game and problems, I'm sure they'd respect you to use your inteligence in everyday situations so exercise a little here before you lose all respect !!!

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    Whatever bro....some people treat this game like its their lives and I was merely pointing out that in the grand scheme of things its small beans.....thats it....and I am more professional then you know  trust that.........I was blasted 4 posts in a row that were directed directly at me and had nothing to do with the thread.....my posts were explaining playing split screen and stating that no its not an advantage and it lags pretty bad and the game lags with no split screeners in the lobby.......I play only to win and can understand being frustrated when most split screeners dont play well....I also know that there are plenty of times a non split screener makes it not possible for me to win....I just have fun and play..........and btw im 5th prestige cuz I have an awesome wife who lets me go down to  my man cave after the kids go to bed and she dont ***** about it....oh and I have an awesome job that allows me to play at night.....in case you guys didnt know that....  .......

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    That's better

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    Wow..BRO! This isn't the Superman, or Justice League Forums. We actually could care less is you look for gratitude for the job you do. We come here to talk about the game positively/negatively. The purpose for it.

    Also you are are equally as pathetic as those as you claim  are. You play the game while you should beout scouting the city. Everyone is not a child either. Also another reason you are pathetic. So..you are a big grown Superhero that trolls the forums to call children names?

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    Totally unrealistic. My wife and I both play together, and depending on various factors, we do just fine. We only encounter lag when the host is lagging. There is a small amount of video lag when things like stealth bombers go over both of us at the same time (and it froze twice because of stealth bombers, but that's besides the point).


    If you're having problems with laggy games playing against people using the split screen option, please play the Mercenary playlist and see if you notice a change, as split screen accounts are not allowed to queue for that playlist. If you get 100% of games that aren't lagging and totally acceptable to you, compared to split screen, then you may have a valid argument. Otherwise...


    TL;DR - Stop crying noob, L2P. Split screen is fine.

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    While there are times when split screen players may actually do well, a large percentage of the time both people go extremely negative in kill to death spread. This directly affects everyone else on their team who then have to try and pick up the slack. However, it's next to impossible for 4 or fewer other people to make up for the 20+ deaths those two players get. I usually back out if I get stuck with more than 1 set of split screeners on my team, because it's a total loss at that point. It's not even always about their deaths specifically, but the deaths they cause the rest of the team to incur via not paying attention or the killstreaks they give the other team. I almost always carry a stinger to shoot down air support, but about half of the time I get shot while trying to take out that air support while the rest of the team is either hiding or running out and getting killed because they are too lazy or stupid to think to change class to at least blind eye until the air support is gone. I don't even have to take out the air support because I run specialist class and will have blindeye unlocked quickly enough anyway but I want to win so I do what it takes, even though it is a lost cause sometimes. Split screeners aren't the only ones who can drag a team down, but they are the ones I can almost ALWAYS count on to be horrid players. If you and your friend/family member/whatever play split screen and are good then great, but you are in such the minority as to be rare.

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