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MW3 Rating?

I'm looking to buy MW3 so I just want to know what you would rate it out of 10 stars please.



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    9/10...when you are not host. 7/10 when you host.

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    I would say 8/10 because of the lag I have to go through at times. Especially when I am playing with another person in survival mode.

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      Game can get pretty laggy when you're host or in a horrible lobby. Sometimes matchmaking for parties is a pain. But the game is great and really fun.

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    -10/10 until the fix the spawns.

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      Don't hold your breath on that.

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      The spawn points are meant to reduce choke points. It's frustrating, but I think it's a lot better than the perpetual Black Ops Nuketown spawn-trap-killing rounds I ended up in. One match in Nuketown, I got killed once legitimately (in a gun fight), and then I was killed eight (8!) times the second I spawned on the map. I couldn't even get away from the spawn points to lay down a tactical insertion to break the cycle.

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    Campaign- 10/10

    Multiplayer- 1/10 (The one is for gun leveling up your gun, the only good thing about MW3 multiplayer)

    Survival- 4/10 They tried, but it's nowhere near as good as zombies. Get's boring way too fast as after 3 rounds everything is open. Zombies was funner longer as it look on average 15+ rounds to get everything open, buy all the perks, and get the guns you wanted. I'll give them points for trying, but that's it.

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    Well, if we're breaking down the ratings based on modes:


    Multiplayer: 9/10 (when not hosting). I enjoy it, even playing against Akimbo users.

    Survival: 9/10. I haven't had many laggy matches and I enjoy this a lot more than the 1 map of zombies that Black Ops offered. You have to play using smarter tactics here...no just running around or finding glitches and sitting in them while somebody shoots 80 zombies under a landing.

    Single Player: 8/10. The story is interesting; the locales are interesting; but somehow the story didn't grab me like Black Ops' SP story did.


    Adding Olyphant to the voice talent was cool, but I miss Worthington, Harris, and Commissioner Gordon - er, I mean, Oldman.

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      multiplayer: 6.5/3 (not host/host)

      survival: 7.5

      singleplayer:? (00:00 playtime)


      for me its the worst cod game i have ever played.


      but all scores would get up by one point, if the headset work like on blackops

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    my ratings are as follows as a seasoned cod player on all titles for the Wii


    Single Player: N/A only played 15% so far but what I have played has been good with great graphics for the Wii and look out for the drone in MP!


    Multiplayer: 8/10 I love NEW and MW3 improves on the other titles with more kill streaks and support streaks, great graphics and fast play, when not laggy and once the spawns are fixed and glitches sorted then it will be 9.5/10 thescore is increased as play with a clan and use team speaka must have.


    Spec Ops: I was excited about blops Zombies but could never get the hand of it, plus it only had one level, spec ops gives you all 16 maps to play but only 2 players not 4 as in Zombies! its fast and ever increasingly difficult, only played a few times so 8/10


    Overall its fantastic this title has come to the litte old Wii and once they fix everything like they did with blackops it will be great!

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      For right now, due to hackers and glitches and spawning BS, 2 - 10. But for the killstreaks and the graphics, i'll give it a 8 - 10. I would've given it more if the weapons sounded as good as they do in black ops, but they sound sh!te. Black ops is still a better game..

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        9 on other systems, 7 on wii

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          If reviewers didnt put so much weight on graphics, then the Wii version would only lose about a point to the other version.  If the PS360 version is a 9/10, then the Wii is a 8/10.  What you give up in graphics you make up in controls.  With aim assist turned completely off, I dare anyone to challenge that IR controls are superior to DA controls 100%.  With that said, the Wii version doesnt run at 60fps and that would make the controls that much better.  I would give the current version of MW3 a 7.5, and expecting to bump that to a 8.0 after one or two more patches.