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PS3 Firefighter-Friends-Family Clan   , Please join


Hello, my PSN ID is SPECIA-OPS-07 and I recently started a Clan for Firefighters. If you havent already joined a clan and would like to get together with some of your Brother and Sister Firefighters and be part of a new team please contact me or look up the Clan Nmae  FIRE-USA   . I personally play TDM, Defender , Kill Confirmed, Domination and Capture the Flag.  I would like to have more team members so I can play as a Team in the other game formats. If your not a Firefighter but come from a Firefighter family or are looking to become one, you are welcome as well to join. I am not looking to grab players xp points or kick folks out after joining. This Clan is basically a place for Firefighters to play as a team against other Teams and players and to share some of our stories from our job.

Thanks for reading... My PSN ID is SPECIAL-OPS-07   add me as a friend and Ill send you an invite to the clan.

Thanks again