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Increasing hip-fire spread doesn't change the fact the Type 95 is way over-powered. Proof here.

Im going to use the weapon's chart from here (http://www.imodernwarfare3.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Modern-Warfare-3-Weapo n-Stats.jpg) which is accurate before all the updates. They still haven't changed the damage of the T95 so these are the right stats for it. I also heard these stats were pulled straight from the MW3 Strategy Guide, not sure if thats correct though.


I'll start by using it's close brother, the M16, as an example since they are both burst fire. These stats are without attachments or proficiencies. The M16's RPM Burst is 780. The Type 95's RPM Burst is 1000, the fastest fire-rate for Assault Rifles(Same as the FAD's). The M16 does 45 damage without any drop meaning it takes three shots to the chest to kill someone. The T95 does 55 damage without any drop meaning it is capable of killing someone in two shots to the chest. The only other AR capable of doing that is the MK14. But the T95 is a 3-burst weapon meaning you have one extra shot being fired giving you more leeway to miss a shot.


The M16 does 25 damage at the longest range meaning it can kill in 4 shots. The T95 does 20 damage at the longest range making it kill in 5 shots. This would mean the M16 was better in that aspect if it wasn't for the T95 having a faster fire-rate and because they are both 3-burst weapons. The range change for both weapons is 2000(I'm guessing feet?) which is the farthest range out of the Assault Rifles. This means that they don't start losing damage until a much farther range than other AR's.


To sum up, it beats the M16 in every aspect making it pointless to use. It wouldn't be nearly as bad if they would have swapped the damages for the two guns. That way the slow firing burst weapon would do more damage and the fast firing one would do less. Regardless, 2 shots to kill is rediculous for a weapon that shoots in bursts of 3. It needs to take 3 shots to 5(maybe 6?) to kill someone so there is some reason to use the M16. Maybe even reduce the range a little bit for the T95(1500-1800?).


As you know, the T95 has the fastest fire-rate of 1000 along with the FAD. The FAD takes 4 shots to kill someone while the T95 takes 2(before damage drop off). The kill time for the FAD is .180 seconds. Since the T95 shoots at the same speed but takes half the shots to kill, i would say the kill time for it is about .090(Terrible math, i know). The next best kill time for the AR's is .154. The best for the SMG's is .110. The LMG's is .100. This would mean that it has the fastest kill-time out of all the guns in this game(Not including Sniper Rifles).


With no apparent downside to the gun, it is indeed the best weapon in the game. For you people who think its balanced the way it is, think again. I have given enough evidence that it is indeed too powerful and needs to be toned down. Keep this page up so IW will ACTUALLY listen to us!(Hopefully...)

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