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An Update on Lag Compensation Fix (Specifically for hosts)


If you aren't currently following Fourzerotwo on twitter, he has finally been answering a number of queries relating to lag compensation & a various number of fixes.


@fourzerotwo Can we expect a TU this month? Or not until 2012?


@AShiddyGamer There will be a TU soon that will address Lag Compensation (improve host connection). The rest will come after new years

@fourzerotwo when r u sorting out the "being host = getting raped issue" ???


@martinmcneill In our next title update.

@fourzerotwo How soon is soon when it comes to this next TU being released? I know tonight, but is there a time?


@Spinout209 Hot fix is tonight. TU7 will be sometime this week. Depends on cert process, we're done and submitted.



Let's hope the title update is out before the end of the week so I can finally play a fair game as host.

I'm also hoping that it'll improve the connection for everyone else no matter what connection you have.

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    yeah I get alot of lag and I can count on both hands how many times I got host but on Mw2 I got host almost 24/7,

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    It's just funny because I tried the beta for Starhawk... No lag at all. And that's a beta.


    This is a billion dollar game well into release, and I doubt they will ever make it even close to what it should be.

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    Just had a playlist update.. Up to 1.3.469.15 now.

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    If I have no problem as host now does that mean that I will have problems when hosting after this update?  I sure hope not.

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      I'll be curious to know if you are getting host in the game. (You're the first player to tell me that you haven't had any issues with being host)


      I'm not the only one having issues as host, many of mates who get host as well have the same issues as myself.


      Also (after switching to a moderate NAT), I have noticed an increase in host migrations & dashboards ever since I have not hosted any games. Not saying it's evidence of host problems BUT it is certainly fishy that it happens so often. I had one game where the host continually migrated until it went to the screen "No capable host found. (this is during the time I set my NAT type to moderate).


      Yes, I have seeked advice from Maccabi over the forums & twitter and has a slight improvement on my gameplay as host YET I do get better games when I'm not host.

      By improving my connection, I lowered my MTU to 1364 & set a QOS for my XBOX.


      Please note that while I'm playing MW3:


      - Anything that's connected to my router (laptop is switched off)

      - Nothing is playing (YouTube, Streaming i.e. anything that uses up bandwidth is switched off)

      - My router is approx $NZ 300 - high quality router

      - XBOX 360 is connected directly to the router (no wireless adapter used)

      - Ports are foward (when I was hosting) / UPNP is enabled


      My connection is a 14mb down 1.05mb up and 15ms ping (approx 90% better than the rest of New Zealand)


      Basically, I try to make my connection as smooth as possible for myself and the other players to have a decent match.


      I'm sure the lag compensation fix won't screw up your host connection. (if you are getting host, of course).

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        I never got host in the past.  Then I went to Maccabi's thread and fooled around with the MTU settings.


        I then played about 10 games with my usual group.  My friend got a MOAB so he put the game in his fileshare.  When I went to watch the game I noticed I was host(first person to connect to the game).  I then went back and watched the last 10 games I played that night and I was host in like 5 or 6 of them.


        Since changing my MTU I get host a lot.  The game is playing better than it had ever been in the past.


        In case this matters:


        My D is 25 My U is 5.  My ping about ~100 miles away is 18ms. Ping ~600 miles away is 32ms.


        Also I play with people all across the nation from canada to california to georgia.  I'm in maryland.

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          The way I know I have been getting host is by testing it out in a live match. Say I'm on a bad streak, I struggle to kill players, I'm dying alot around corners & I'm on a deathstreak. When I've had enough, I leave the game & voila, host migration is in progress.


          I have tested this for a number of matches it happens when I'm host. I've done this on when I'm on a good streak and noticed that when I left the lobby, no host migration in progress. 


          Maccabi advice & recent patches/title updates have improved but it just isn't good enough when I host compared to the great games when I'm not host.


          I agree that in Black Ops, it was easier to know who was hosting but in MW3, you have to test the game out for yourself.

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    I'm not getting my hopes up that it fixes it as the last how many patches haven't done a single thing for my connection.

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    I'm loving the hit maker sound, great job on this one. Thanks.

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    Still havent gotten an answer since November of last year in Black Ops..


    How can you tell who is host ?

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      In black ops it was easier because the person who was the host would stay at 4 bars while people were connecting.


      I'm usually not 100% sure in this game until I go to theater mode because everyone will be on a 1 bar then jump to whatever connection they will have in the game.  In theater mode though you can see who the first person to connect is.

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    I'm thanking them beause they are actually working on getting things done instead of crying on the boards all day. Be patience people, damn.

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      we were patience when waiting for this game to be released. now were frustrated and loosing interest.


      that analogy was off too. the mechanic broke the car.

      in this case the dealer sold us a broken car and we are thanking him for attempting to fix it for us after a month and a half. still no sign.

      only if it was a car theres a thing called the lemon law. if it breaks down for the same thing 4 times they must refund you. not exchange refund.

      or if it has been out of commision for 30 days out of the first 24 months.

      there should be a video game lemon law. they are getting expensive these days.

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    Everytime I'm host (which is pretty much everytime that I stay in the lobby after a game is finished) I just have to dashboard because I'm 1 and 7 (well I don't have to, but it's so frustrating to do so well off host and so terrible on host). Today I literally couldn't stay in a lobby for more than 2 games because it'd give me host and I'd rage quit. any game that I joined in the middle of, I ended up with the top score even though the game was half way over (happened 3 times today). And for some reason even if there is 30 seconds left of intermission, it won't give me host if I wasn't there for the previous game, so those are nice.


    It's funny that any game I don't have host, I go like +20 and anytime I do have host I go +5 resulting in my 1.55 overall K/D. If I never got host I can guarantee it'd be at least 2 and probably better. So, hopefully this next match will move away from putting the host in a wheel chair everygame.



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      One of the developers on the forums gave a good description to how they're addressing host issues & connection problems in the next title update. I'll copy/paste it in here:


      Now moving to lag optimization in general and matchmaking for those in parties. We are constantly working to improve lag for all. As fourzerotwo has announced we have a TU in submission that focusses on host network performance that we believe will improve the situation for all and hopefully dramtically diminish occurences where those with good connections feel the need to apply latency in order to avoid pulling host and compete on a level playing field!


      Finlly, parties complicate the search process. When you party up, the bigger the size of the party the greater the chance that not all members of the party can establish a connection to the host of available games becomes. In MW3 we made a number of improvements to the party logic. One being to ensure that you would join as a group to avoid situations where one or two members of the party were left behind in the lobby. When the search process continues past the 150ms mark, behind the scenes we are still favouring sessions with the lowest ping as we continue searching even though this is not displayed.