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You want to make this the most balanced/ less frustrating  game?

Make the T-95 need 3 shots to kill up close and 5 shots from a distance. DISABLE the Rapid Fire attachment.


Switch the ROF for the ACR and CM-901. High ROF= More recoil, Low ROF= Less Recoil. IT'S THAT SIMPLE.


Give the AK a 2 shot kill from the upper chest+.


Disable Quickdraw from Snipers.


Meet us half way with the shotguns. Give us 1/2 of Range and 1/2 of Damage/Extended mag glitch by default.




Make EVERY gun DISABLE Final Stand, Dead Man's Hand and Martyrdom.


Give ONE flair to all air support that has 0 flairs.


Move the Stealth Bomber into the Assault Package.


FIX the spawn system.


inb4 dumb asses start saying I suck.