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LOOKING FOR A FUN PS3 CLAN!! Mics required

Hey everybody,


Im looking for a new ps3 clan because I recently moved from the Wii.  My KDR is currently 1.01 because I havent been trying until recently. I am usually laid back and pretty chill but I wanna win the game. My favorite gametype is Kill Confirmed which I almost always play. It would be great if your clan did too.


My only other clan was a  20-man clan which I was the Leader/co-founder. In the early days of MW3, I joined a ps3 clan since I recently bought one in October. I didn't really like them since they only used Skype and never played with me even though there were ALWAYS on.


My only requirements are as follows:

Have a Mic and actually use it

Be good at CoD

Make jokes and have fun

Some clan members who play at night espcially after midnight


Extra (not needed):

CoD Elite Clan (not neccesary but recommended)

youtube channel




PSN: Hockeycdn




When adding, please write: "Clan" so that I know youre not a random player


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    Looking for a clan/community? The Brotherhood of Valor is an online gaming community devoted to several different gaming platforms (Xbox, PS3 and PC). The Brotherhood of Valor (BHV) was created to provide a place for mature, friendly, and dedicated gamers to connect and share their passion for gaming. BHV is here to provide an environment in which like-minded gamers can come and share their ideas on teamwork, tactics and structure. To implement and foster community camaraderie, BHV operates on a military type ranking structure, which helps establish a solid community foundation. While BHV does operate on a military type ranking structure we do not take ourselves too serious, we believe ultimately in having fun and that is why we are here.


    Our hope is for BHV to be a place for you to join and be able to feel as though, when gaming, you are part of a "Brotherhood" and not just an empty gaming community.



    So if you are looking for a place to game where you are respected, have advancement opportunities, and enjoy a team atmosphere then BHV is waiting for you.


    *All skill levels are welcomed at BHV as we have several different squad types.


    *BHV welcomes all gamers over the age of 16 years old.


    Website: http://www.brotherhoodofvalor.com


    About us and why join BHV:




    We are starting our recruiting for

    Modern Warfare 3

    Battlefield 3

    Gears of War 3

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      Man you sound like our kinda guy. The Old Guyz was a Wii only clan that has just now opened up to the PS3.  We have about 35 PS3 members currently.   If you are near 30, mature, casual kinda of player check us out. 



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      Ill consider you for one of my choices

      but I want to choose from a couple, not just go with first offer

      ill let ya know

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        hey buddy we just moved to a new site currently getting it where we want it but feel free to stop buy and chat to teh guys get a feel for the place, mostly active between 6pm-1am gmt


        Hey there looking to be a part of something? looking to make new friends? want to be a part of a rapidly growing clan? well join the RoF clan (Rate of Fire) in this clan you can earn ranks, participate in clan tournaments, participate in game battles with other clans around the world, earn points, join or start your own group, meet people that love video games as much as you do. come visit our clan website at www.rateoffire.co.uk its safe, free and fun to join.


        We play together as much as possible, We have Game battles, clan battles and inter clan matches. Strategies and tactics will be are out forte, and we put these into practice as much as we can. We are very good at looking how to improve our game at all times.


        We expect mature gamers and very active applicants. We are not so much a clan about Kill death ratio, we accept friendly, mature and active people who will be a great asset to the clan. We have a strict age limit, so please read the rules on our site to find out all you need to know.


        Please feel free to hop into the chat box after you have registered on the site and ask any questions you like.


        Maxine (Clan Leader)