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Are you even aware of the Vault issue?

You guys do understand theres hundreds of posts on your forums about the Vault being messed up, right? For about a week now, the clips in ALOT of peoples vaults have been messed up, as in they only play the last second of the video. Are you guys ever gonna fix this? Can we get a time frame? ARE YOU EVEN F#CKING AWARE!? I have gottin' 2 quad feeds and 1 360 throwing knife across the map on Village. If I end up losing those clips I will quit, this is bullshit.

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    I made a clip showing me coming around a corner on mission just to have a teammate and enemy spawn side by side right next to my as I pass by. Went to render it and my PS3 locked up. Restarted it and got the Recovery menu which has never happened to me before. Tried to render it again it it locked up once more. After my 2nd reboot, I just deleted it.


    Locked up again today for no reason. Whole system froze in the middle of a game. I've only had system freezes playing COD games. 

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    I have just tried Vault last night to see how it worked and well as Tedge has posted once you hit render I get downloading 100% ok, then title screen for the map with loading bar ok then black screen and PS3 completely frozen tried this three times yesterday and just now no difference, funny thing is it works ok for screenshots as I can see that uploaded on Elite but clips no.

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      IW is seriously pissing me off with this one... Everything was fine before thier December 9th update, why can't they just find out what caused it really quick and fix it. I've talked to 2 reps and they just tell me that they're aware of the issue now, but can't do anything until Elite is figured out... WTF! Elite has 2 million issues. You can't tell 1 dude to take a 10min break and find out why the patch corrupted the vault system!