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    Yes you can.

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    The easy exp from machine pistols is still as easy after the nerf <3

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    New game mode tomorrow, will update if it turns out to be more exp :3

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    Big thanks for this guide mate! It's transformed my game. I can't do run & gun all the time because my KD takes a hit so I back off and go back to my comfort zone for a few rounds to recover. However, your 'challenge' theory works a treat. I reckon I could do a prestige in half the time now (some of that is due to getting better but a lot is to do with your guide).


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    Nicely done by speaking about the perks and the challenges and making sure you are working on the the right ones to get the most exp. I always do this in the games each prestige it is the fastest way to level up, even in games like team defender. not so great in dom or ctf or hq though but still can work in those game modes too.

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    Using these strategies, I am leveling at 9.2 hours/Prestige.  I was already using the spec package but your vids helped me tweak what I was doing, now I am moving faster.



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    This is a good guide well done. Its almost ironic, i had heard that the specialist strike package would level you up fast anyway. So last night i switched on the specialist strike package on one of my favourite classes anyway which is the PPM90. I've just reviewed my starting postion in Elite before i did this and was at the start rank 76,  I ran around 16 full matches of TDM with Specialist and am now 3800xp off rank 80. I did this and still maintained overall these matches a 1.6kd approx which i'd say is about the best I can get for me. Even my young lad who loves this game commented - 'Hey dad your earning tonnes of xp using specialist i'm gonna have a go with that'!. It definately is the fastest way to rank up without a doubt. When is the specialist strike package available to you? is it as soon as you can create a class after prestiging?

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    level 20

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    Ever since you posted this I've been ranking up a lot faster so thanks for that!  Question though...


    In your first video, after you detail the specialist challenges then you go into the perk challeges but as you detail your class setup in the beginning you say you run Extreme Conditioning and Hardline.


    I guess my question is... Do you run those two perks the whole prestige?  It makes sense that you would run Hardline the whole time because you use that to get your Specialist challenges earlier.  Do you ever switch up your first Perk?


    As it is right now I constantly keep EC & Hardline and then switch around my Perk 3 to get those perk challenges done.  Just wondering if I should be working on other Perk 1 challenges as well?

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    Hardocre SnD fastest way. BUT you need to be good cuz low kills is low XP