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WFJ Elite Clan is LOOKING FOR YOU!!!!!! (PS3)

WFJ clan is improving rapidly and is very active online as well as private matches. If you are one of those players who are tired of playing by yourself and getting your butt kicked also always getting a negative KDR then this clan is great for you. To get recruited to WFJ all you ned to do is message me on PS3 saying your KDR?, why you want to join the clan? also if you have a mic or not, or getting one? Or you could comment on this forum your PSN name and ill invite you to our parties! Also make sure you are interacting nicely on PSN when we in a game also if we are losing nobody likes someone constantly screaming in the mic blaming someone for the lost or that we are losing, it is part of the game and it is going to happen sometime. WE ARE TOGETHER AS A CLAN TO BE COMPETITIVE AND MOST IMPORTANTLY TO HAVE FUN!!! We could really use members who have cod elite as a founder or just a premium member, but we would gladly accept players without elite. The clan is most active on PSN from 6pm to 4am EST. GOODLUCK and ill hopefully see you around!


PSN: DA_NightHawk7

FOR more info go to www.wfjclan.com