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Solution to scrub players in CoD *pure genius*


Ok so instead of jsut nerfing these guns just make a whole new game for all the scrubs in CoD. It can be called Call of Duty - Scrub Warfare. In this game you only have five options for weapons.


The P90 from CoD 4/MWR
The MP40 from WaW
The UMP45 from MW2

The Famas from Black Ops
TheAkimbo FMG 9 from MW3

All of these weapons have noob tubes on them.


The secondary you are allowed is the Akimbo Model 1887s from MW2.


You are also only allowed tp use three perks in this game


Perk 1: Ghost Pro
Perk 2: Juggernaut Pro
Perk 3: Second Chance Pro


The only gear you are alloed to use is the


WaW Bouncing Betties

MW3 Portable Radar


All guns have the same emblem that reads "I suck at games" and have puke green cammo on them.


All the scrubs can go there which leaves all the normal people to actually enjoy CoD.