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    There was quick scoping in homefront.  You just had to aim for the head or quickly switch to the pistol. 

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    I have 2 problems with QSing.

    1) The fact it out-guns a shotgun at close range,which is ridiculous. Or you empty loads of bullets into somebody and just before they should be dead they hit you with a single bullet and kill you.

    2)The asshat players it breeds. I've lost count of the times i've been killed by a QSer and i've watched the killcam,they've been behind me and had to fire 4 or 5 "quickscope" shots to kill me rather than just scoping in and getting a kill. Or when you've got an idiot who's your last player on S&D and rather than playing properly they're trying some sort of trickshot(and usually failing).


    I'd be happy for QSing to go as it's just a bit rubbish really. Although I do lay some blame with IW because the maps in this game don't allow for proper sniping.

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    "They eat pickles with their butt"??


    Wow...what are you on, and where do I find some??

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    If this has been said already I apologize.


    The issue of quickscoping is not the fact that it's done. It's fact that people are able to run around with a one shot kill weapon while others are using half of their ammo to kill someone. The power of the sniper rifle being used as an assault rifle is an unfair advantage. I've been quick scoped and the scope is black, no sight picture at all.


    IMO it's part of the game as a gimmick for the kids who can say "look what I can do"! The hardest part for me is having been around weapons the majority of my life and spending 9 years in the Army is realizing that yes this is a game and most of it is BS. I hope these kids that play these games don't go in the military thinking they can use these tactics. But then again they will get straightened out their first two weeks of basic training so it's all good.


    Quick scope on if that gets your goat but please quit whining when someone does use actual tactics and owns your behind.

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    I would not remove quick scoping, you cannot remove quick scoping.

    What I would do would be to overhaul the snipers. Slow scope in time to a little longer than it is now with quickdraw (about cod4 speed) Then remove idle sway on snipers, and also dampen the aim assist on them.

    Sniper rifles should be dominant at long range. but because of idle sway, they're not. Because of this, they have to be useable in close/mid range.

    Without idle sway, snipers would not only be a viable weapon for serious gameplay, but they would also fill the role they are supposed to far better.

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    Quickscoping doesnt even work, u get a hit marker and get cut down by a little kid using a pp90 or type 95

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    derpkrieg wrote:


    QSing will NEVER, EVER be removed from an IW game, not because I like it, but because Optic Predator and Zirrgrizz are the face of CoD, snipers are one of CoDs main source of income.


    If QSing was in games like homefront and crysis, those games would get more sales. Because QSing is in CoD it draws the little kids and sheltered nerds out of the house and into their local game store to buy a $100 game.


    Anyways, I don't mind quick scoping, its trick shotting I hate. It's fun to try and snipe with friends in private match, but it makes S&D a retard only zone and causes many WTF moments.

    Yeah... Optic Predator and Zirrgrizz are not the face of COD. Also BLOP's was the second most played and second most selling COD of all the COD's and QS and almost regular sniping was impossible. Yeah it got situated after a while but it is still really hard to QS.


    HomeFront failed because of the massive problems it had in the beginning where people's games literally didn't work. Then some people couldn't even l pay online. It wasn't a small issue it was a big one. I didn't play Crysis 2 when it came out so I don't know why it failed.


    Also COD cost $60 not $100. Not everyone bought hardened and not everyone bought premium elite. Sniping in COD rather it normal or QS is not the reason COD is what it is.

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    Because mature adults are the ones running around with a sniper, right?

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    I'm 31,  I quick scope.  I'd like to think I'm at least a little bit mature. 

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    Yes, it is a low percentage, compared to the amount of people who rock Type 95's acr's and PP90's.


    Some people who see a killcam of a quickscope need to remember 1 thing, KILLCAM LAG, its been here since cod has been online. sure that person didnt even fully scope in on the killcam, but when he did it i can assure you he did (unless it was a panic half scope which actually hit inside those crosshairs)


    We HAVE to have our middle crosshair directly on you, and even then we will get hitmarkers sometimes.




    Killcam/theatre lag........its a helluva thing


    EDIT: Also, i honestly didnt see all this quickscope hate start happening untill trickshotting popped up, more or less the people who waited on ladders for that 1 guy, stun them, and TRY for the 1080 theyve been trying to hit for the 878563th time


    there is a HUGE difference from trickshotters and quickscopers.