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ELITE = Empty Promises?


So, I spent the money to get the Hardened Edition for myself and my two kids.  We were told, new maps every month, an Android app, and competitions and all sorts of good stuff.


I understand that release went haywire and it took a week or so to get it straightened out...  But now, where's all the stuff I was promised?


  • No new maps yet...
  • No Android App...
  • Every Competition I want to play in gets canceled...
  • Still waiting for Clan Competitions
  • And I am sure there is other stuff that I can't think of right now...


Come on...  After shelling out $325, I feel I should get something more than videos of people playing MW3 against each other and Tips about weapons and maps.  41 days since release and still waiting...  WHEN DO WE GET OUR STUFF???? 

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    Maybe you should learn to read. They said a map pack once per month for 9 months, that will probably start in january. I am pretty sure they said the app will be released soon. And competitions do not canceled.

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    Hardened edition wasn't $325.


    Anyways, yeah they didn't keep their promises, but I'm sure they'll fix it and make it up somehow. That is... if they plan on keeping a business going.

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    @uG I FLAME - Several competitions have been cancelled.  If you go back through you will see it.  Need proof, just ask.  Furthermore, I don't remember them saying only 9 maps...  Do you have a source?


    @iTzYoSHi - If you read the OP, I bought 3 of them.  3 @ $99 + tax = $325.

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    Yes every single operation I've enlisted in has either been cancelled or re-done without warning so it said I enlisted, but it's like I never even did it.


    I agree with the OP. ELITE premium hasn't even gave word of when these things willl be available. If I would have known that ELITE premium is the exact same as the non-premium I would have saved myself the $60 and not bought it.

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    Elite is a complete scam.  There is absolutely no value in that whatsoever, we won't save any money on map packs either.  The only reason why I haven't traded in this game yet is because I was stupid enough to buy elite, so it would be even more stupid to trade it in for $25 after I dropped $120.  I know we weren't getting everything up front, but it's been over a month and there is zero value in having elite so far.

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    Im just waiting for the in game playlist to support the compete section of elite. Hope its a clan vs. clan type playlist

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    Actually they've said the maps will cost over $100 total so when the do finially release we will save money. But i completely agree i want to see the things iv paid $60 for otherwise ill most likely stop playing.

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    My bad, I didn't see that part.

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    i like elite as of now im not in a rush im sure we will get everything soon ya as of now were not getting anything but thats just cause the dlc season dident start as long as we get something good every month idc but if its just a camo for 9 months then il have something to complain about

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