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    We can get used to a new layout. Most of the people who left did so because their accounts were axed. Bomb, Jedi, N8 and others are in that crowd, and they don't seem to care about points (though they should, I'm still saving up for that 7,000,000-point harrier)


    I myself still lurk in the CoD Forums, and especially on Jedi's Site, which is where users with broken accounts have relocated since the update.

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    I bet me and Pic could sit here all day and ramble on in drunken delight.

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    iif0xh0undii wrote:


    The forums are far from dead, the old OT crew just hates the new layout.


    Pretty sure if we left some loose points on the ground they'd come scrambling back.


    I do not enjoy having my acount of several years being frozen and then be ignored by the guys you recommended me to talk to Fox. I'm not fond of the new layout, but I can deal. I was never really a fan of the points either and I'm kind of insulted that you think this is all about points and the layout. Are you listening at all?


    Wake Up iif0xh0undii.


    BTW, these forums are dead. Most of the threads on the front page are DAYS OLD!




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    It was a joke, Master Jedi.


    I'm more than awake and it's a shame that I can't be 100% transparent on these issues. I'll tell you this much: I ask about these ailments every chance I get. Progress is slow, but hopefully something worthwhile comes solid.


    Additionally, Customer Support and I have exhausted all of our viable options and advice. Simply because we've reached that point does not equate to ignoring the issue or ignoring the users. I rather wait to tell everyone something than constantly feed you "pending" statements. The latter would be a huge injustice and could be taken far worse.


    I've listened many times. The threads all feed into my inbox too. There isn't much more that I can say. Perhaps my joking was in bad taste, but you all should know that I've had a satirical humor about points and vanity for a while now.

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    Since it's the holidays maybe we'll get a bit more activity than usual.

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    Let's hope so, because it does get awfully boring around here with no one else around.

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    When's the office Holiday party?

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    *insert gay face here*

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    Has the office been closed for the holidays? It feels kind of stuffy in here today.

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