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Give us the First Map Pack for free as we paid $60 for a Beta COD - signed

Regards to MW3 team and their partnering companies:


How many CODs does it take to get your act together?  I won’t go into all the game issues as they have already been touched upon in numerous forum topics.  You have released a beta that we have all paid 60 dollars for.  I am glad I did not buy the Elite edition and get bilked for more money.  Your team has had several versions of COD to build upon yet you have regressed; why is that?  Fix the in-game issues and give the first map pack to those who purchased COD MW3 beta for nil so your company can save face. 


I’m sure there are many ‘fanboys’ out there with will buy a COD franchise game regardless of how poor it plays. – I will not.


Congratulations on alienating a strong consumer base away from you franchise to increases stock price. 


As a consumer I place my vote by not purchasing another COD and will not give your company anymore money towards any game.  


Signed – Slothknave

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