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Extended Mags "Glitch" for Shotguns

If Sledgehammer removes this, Shotguns will become almost unplayable IMO.


As of now, the Pump action shotguns have way less DPS than the semi's. (needs to be equal)

farther range.. (should be the opposite)


One thing that needs to be boosted for all the shotguns is rate of bullet velocity. SMG's have a higher bullet velocity or something dealing with the time it takes for the bullet to reach the target from tigger pull. Frankly, its annoying. Gun's are divided up into abilities. Theoretically, Shotguns should out gun SMG's at a very close range, but I often feel outguned.


I think this just about kills the shotgun class for me.




(Cause strikers are for inconsiderate new **** who have no accuracy)


I'm also pretty decent with a shotgun(spas)

Last 3 games that I used it on ended up with me on top, 24~28 - 5~12... On groundwar, Arkaden, Carbon, Interchange. So I doubt it's my ability. (not to sound cocky.)

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    Another thread on this? Its a glitch its not meant to be in the game deal with it.

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    You mean the glitch that makes them shoot too few pellet unless you have Extended Mags? They really need to fix that.


    My suggestion on how to fix shotguns:

    - Make the higher pellet count (that you currently have with Extended Mags) the default.

    - Remove Damage profiency and add the "damage increase" it gives on shotguns by default.


    The Damage profiency does not increase damage. It gives back the damage that has been taken out. Why don't they have this crap on sniper rifles, for example? So you'd have to level those to level 28 before you could even one-shot people?