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    You're a camper.

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    OhNathan wrote:


    You're a camper.

    uhhm.... not really. and by that i mean not at all.

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    camping is too booring for me to do it, i gotta run around and keep the blood flowin

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    The terrible spawns negate any form of camping.

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    Hey, I'll stay in same area if people keep swarming in. What is the point of moving when they try to budge in every 5 seconds? When it gets quieter, I'll start moving around more active. And sometimes it's a good idea to slow down and take few kills in. Not everyone has lightning fast reflexes, so you gotta play smart.


    Camping does exist.

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    there're several different kinds of 'campers'.  there's the sniper (which really isn't a camper, he/she is a sniper).  they effect all the the moves of camping.  then there's the bane of my gaming existence, the 'lie in waits'.  these AR/SMG/sometimes LMG weilders deliberately move to a spot to wait until something moves like a sentry gun with a mind and mobilty.  then there's the stalker who is pretty much the most effective player in the game.  they move a lot, but it's slow and concise, not drawing unwanted attention but still get a line of sight to their enemy.  there're also the area holders.  this mostly work with teammates backing you up.  they basically stay in one 'area' keeping lines of sight to any entrances usually backed up by a portable radar (or motion sensor in BO).  the drop shooters or whatever they're called aren't really campers, but i know if i was to confront an enemy in real life, the last thing i would do is drop to my belly then stand up as fast as i can to pull off some kind of 'easy miracle'.  sometimes, the team you're up against is just too overwelming and it forces you to camp to survive (which doesn't work all or even most of the time).  i don't personally camp.  i have barely use a sniper rifle (not counting the mk 14, though i use it with iron sights).  i'm more like a shark; i always move sometimes even incorporating 'stalker' movements.  having said all this, that's how things would work in war.  a team digs in and either defends a spot or assaults a spot that is being defended.  the ends justify the means.  what CAN be done about this will usually involve teamwork.  rather than cry about campers, it's our job, our DUTY to disrupt this.  you can't camp if you get got.                          -starfarce/PS3

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    I just played a game of Kill Confirmed on Dome in which the entire enemy team rushed to the center building and stayed there the whole game.  They were mostly Elite members who had titles that said Camp Nation and they all had tac insertions or trophy systems. A couple had claymores too.  In addition, they preceded to bad mouth my team at the end of the game (we lost unfortunately).  However, I kept my cool and just left the lobby after the game had ended.  Unfortunately, this happens quite often to me (aost every game) most of the time it's one or two people, but sometimes the entire team holes up in one area and refuses to leave.


    TL;DR - Camping is alive and well, and people tend to boast about how good they are neglecting the fact that they were making love to a corner the entire game

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    I say if you bought the game and the console and the Xbox Live and the controller and whatever else it takes to play MW3, then play the game the way YOU want to play it. Not the way some badass CoD player wants you to play it. F all the haters . Adapt to the situation a camper brings you. Or you could go out and buy some more tissues to wipe your baby tears away . I say if ya wanna camp and you paid for the game, set up that tent and put the coffee on. I wouldn't let anyone tell me how to play a game, I play the way I want to play and when I don't want to play any more, guess what I do...I don't play. Bottom line, camp if ya want, RnG if ya want, but dont' get on the forum and whine and cry when a camper shows you the score. Been reading about you people crying over campers for ever and a day now, get over yourselves and play the game or don't. Why don't cha do this, get with your badass RnG buddies and RnG your little asses off all ya want. But, but, but mommy...daddy...they aren't playing the game the way I want to play the game. STFU!!!

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    You burned them right thar you did cooter, you burned em. JA

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    I love watching my killcam when a camper kills me, going back, and shooting them in the face with a SMAW. Makes my day.